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Honda 5 hp four-stroke

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  • Honda 5 hp four-stroke

    We are seriously looking at this engine for our dinghy. We currently have a Merc 9.9 (two-stroke) which has been a problem almost from the day we got it. We are looking for a reliable engine to use for exploring bays, going to and from shore, and just "dinking" around. The 9.9 is definitely more than we need but wondering if 5 is enough. We tend to think it is for what we want to do with it and going higher means more weight for handling as well. Would be interested in hearing thoughts on that as well as any feedback regarding the Honda 5 hp in general. Thanks so much!

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    Re: Honda 5 hp four-stroke

    I should have clarified "dinghy." We cruise in a larger boat and use the 10-foot dinghy for exploring bays, getting from boat to shore, etc.


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      Re: Honda 5 hp four-stroke

      Weloveboating,Honda builds a great engine but a 5 will probably not plane the dingy if you have 2 people and a case of suds on board. If thats not a problem, then go for it.Like Middleground said, you will not get any speed since you will only have half the power....but it will be great on fuel costs.One recomendation, see if you can try a '5' first on your boat. This is too much money to plunk down and not be happy with the performance.going from a 9.9 to a five is a major degredation.Although I'm a die hard honda person, I'd recommend you look at the Tohatsu/Nissan 4 strokes as well. They are really light weight and extremely durable.Nav


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        Re: Honda 5 hp four-stroke

        Don't know if this will help but for what it's worth... Years ago I repowered a 14' aluminum fishing boat (9.9hp 2 stroke) with a used 7.5hp Honda. The boat regularly fished three people with no problems. I didn't break any speed records but it had plenty of get up and go and sipped gas.Sold the boat (moved up) but couldn't part with the Honda (even though I had no use for it). Finally sold the Honda to a friend who bugged me til I gave in. Last I heard it was still running strong. In short, IMHO I believe the 5hp Honda would be a good choice. Good luck and enjoy.


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          Re: Honda 5 hp four-stroke

          Thanks so much for the input from all! The 9.9 is way more than we need speedwise, so I don't think going to the 5 will be a problem. We've never had the 9.9 up to full speed for our purposes as it is a means to explore nooks and crannies of the bays in which our boat is anchored and to get to and from shore. The Merc has been a huge headache, so reliability is a big issue, and less weight for taking the outboard on and off of the dinghy would be an excellent benefit as well. We've always been happy with our Honda vehicles, so we figured Honda might be the way to go. Sounds like the experiences here reflect that same reliability in outboards as well. Thanks again!


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            Re: Honda 5 hp four-stroke

            I was looking at that motor as well a few months back. I ended up buying a Johnson 8 hp 2 stroke, under 60 lbs. Rather have a little much motor than a little less. Have you looked at the downside of the small 4 strokes? Search this forum for "transporting a 4 stroke" If you want to lay it on it's side for storage, you might want to. They can leak oil into the cylinders, on your deck, and be hard starting when stored on their side. Let us know what you decide.


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              Re: Honda 5 hp four-stroke

              weloveboating: I just bought a Honda 2 HP OB for my small 8'6" Zodiac inflatable. It's a great little engine because it's weight is only 27 lbs. I use this only about 10 times a year because it's stored on our boat & we'll use it when we go on extended trips.I looked @ the Honda 5 HP, but it was a tad heavy & the price was high for it's size. From what I understand, the Honda 5 HP vibrates a lot, considering it's a single cylinder engine. I'm sure it a great little engine but I think I may have another option for you.I also have a 10'5" rigid hull inflatable (that get's used all of the time) & I just purchased a Tohatsu/Nissan 9.8 2-Stroke OB for it. If you ask anyone on these boards about Tohatsu/Nissan OB's, everone will "rave" about their reputation. Mine is a 15" SS & it's weight is only 57 lbs! Yes, that's not a misprint. Why get an 5 HP OB that's weight is almost the same as a Honda 5 HP? You should always get "as much" power as you can, but keep the weight down. I love my Tohatsu 9.8 & wouldn't give it up for anything! I know of one online dealer (very good dealer @ that) who has inventory. I have bought 2 inflatables from them & they are great people. Here's the link: http://www.*************/inflatable_prices.html Tohatsu makes Nissan's engines (same extact OB, just a different paint scheme) So, click on the Nissan icon & look for the 9.8 2-Stroke. I think it's around $1500.00 Good luck with your purchase!Regards,Alex


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                Re: Honda 5 hp four-stroke

                Thanks to all for your replies. We went with the Honda 5 hp and used it this weekend. We did notice it vibrates more, but it was so wonderful that it started right up so easily and was noticeably lighter than the Mercury 9.9 we had previously. Most of our boating friends have 2.5 or 4 hp on their dinghies, and we're still more powered than we really need to be but we feel great about our choice. Getting good reviews here along with the fact that our Honda vehicles have always been dependable ones sold us on going the Honda route. About the four stroke, in our research we did learn about the importance of laying it on its correct side as mentioned in one of the posts above, but thanks so much for sharing that. When we store it for the winter we will be sure to lay it down properly or perhaps even build a stand for storing it upright. This is a great board. Thanks for all the input!


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                  Re: Honda 5 hp four-stroke

                  Glad to hear you're happy with the Honda and thank you much for the outcome report.The use of a stand for extended storage (winter) is a good idea. Laying the O/B on its side is fine for transport or short-term storage but for long-term upright is best.Enjoy.