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Trading Down an Outboard

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  • Trading Down an Outboard

    Howdy! Long time no talk fellow iboaters. I've been kicking something around for awhile and would like your thoughts on it. I have a 16' Polarkraft flat bottom with a 25 hp Mercury two stroke. It's FAST, and I do like having that much power, but I've been pondering the merits of downsizing to a 9.9 four stroke. I really don't use the boat that often and when I do it's very likely in a shallow rocky environment such as a tail water or varied depth river, one in particular of which has a 10 hp limit. It's a light boat so I think I'd still get decent speed out of a 9.9 albeit less of course than a 25. Thoughts?
    Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
    21' Suntracker(for my girls), 16' Polarkraft MV w/ 25 HP Merc(for me), 14' Odyssey bucket raft, 16' Purple Mad River Explorer; vice-admiral's boat, but she lets me use it as long as I don't forget it's hers. Esquif Vertige

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    Other than the lakes with a 10hp limit you're better off with the current motor.

    There are other factors that could make the smaller 4 stroke a good option though.


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      I have an old '59 12hp Gale I would trade you for it if you want to run slow.....LOL

      remember, you dont have to open the throttle all the way
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        You could probably rig up a throttle stop on the linkage, that would only allow 1/2 throttle.

        but if you want a 4 stroke, this is about the best 9.9 out there.


        Medford, WI


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          If going per the Susy 9.9 OB just prop it right for OB to achieve max wot rpm range factory stated as currently loaded. Won't perform as a 25 but propping right will manage to take all the horses out of that 9.9.

          Happy Boating
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