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Rebuild Head - 470 3.7L

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  • Rebuild Head - 470 3.7L

    I have a 1989 Mercruiser 470 3.7l 165hp motor and I am going to have the head rebuilt. Main reason is it smokes bad on initial start up so I figure the seals must be going out. Plus I wanted to replace the head gasket anyways.

    Does anyone live in the Seattle / Everett area that can recommend a good motor shop that does work on Mercruisers?
    I am going to replace the seals and springs and also have it decked. I might have the seats redone but it just depends on how they look. The motor has about 550 hours (if the meter still works).

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    Re: Rebuild Head - 470 3.7L

    The head is just a Ford 460 head. Any shop that does auto machine work can work on that head.
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      Re: Rebuild Head - 470 3.7L

      If it's smoking that bad, compression test it too. You could have ring problems as well.
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        Re: Rebuild Head - 470 3.7L

        Jay's Automotive Machine Shop - Everett, WA | Yelp
        I have used them twice, no complaints, quality work, they know their business and work was finished on schedule.
        The guy in the yelp review,,,,, he isn't exaggerating .
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          Re: Rebuild Head - 470 3.7L

          Thanks guys:

          @Thumper - that is what I thought but just wanted to see what others had to say.

          @Islander - Yeah I checked compression last year and all was good.

          @K-2 - I will not go back to Jays. They F'd up a race motor of mine. 'Yeah go out an jump on that bad boy' Jay said. So I did and three laps into practice...BOOM!...the bottom end blew out.

          Unless others chime in I think I will head back to my regular shop.


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            Re: Rebuild Head - 470 3.7L

            Use whoever you trust. That yelp review is suspicious in my opinion. Looks to me like it was written by Jays.
            Last edited by Walt T; February 27th, 2014, 12:07 PM.


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              Re: Rebuild Head - 470 3.7L

              .....just my two cents worth:

              I would do a compression AND leak down test PRIOR to loosening the first bolt.

              If the head is worn enough to allow oil past the seals/guides, then I expect the bottom half of the engine to be equally worn. Besides, if you re-work just the top half, the weakest link just got passed to the bottom half....rings first.
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                Re: Rebuild Head - 470 3.7L

                Eddie, yes that is a concern of mine. I am still debating if I do the springs or not. I may just have the head dunked, decked, and the seals replaced. The leak down test sounds like a good idea.