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1969 200 HP Inline 6 Mercruiser?

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  • 1969 200 HP Inline 6 Mercruiser?

    Anyone have any experience with the 292 cid engine? I think that Mercruiser only used this engine for about one year.

    Not much difference between the 250 and the 292 blocks except the 292 has a taller deck height and the right side motor mount is in a different spot.

    Anyone tried a swap to an existing 165 HP and lived to tell the tale?

    I expect the rubber exhaust tube might need to be a bit longer but is there anything else that would really need to be changed? I suppose if one re-used the original carb it might need to be re-jetted to a bit bigger to avoid leaning out the fuel mixture.


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    Re: 1969 200 HP Inline 6 Mercruiser?

    i think the 292 was mated to a mercruiser II drive. 250's were mated to the mc1 drive. i don't believe they are interchangeable.
    i can't say that i remember ever reading about anyone that had success swapping the two. though i have read about folks that sure want to do it..
    'Lime Time'
    1975 AristoCraft Nineteen
    Mercruiser 165hp (chevy 250 L6), MC-1 drive


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      Re: 1969 200 HP Inline 6 Mercruiser?

      I do not think there is any difference between the two engines at the end of the block where the bell housing mounts and thus do not understand why it would not fit on the Mercruiser setup.



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        Re: 1969 200 HP Inline 6 Mercruiser?

        It's been a long time since I've worked on these inline sixes but as I remember the 292 is an externally balanced engine while the 194, 230, and 250's were internally balanced. Therefore there is a flywheel difference. Bellhousing mounting surfaces are the same on all engines.


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          Re: 1969 200 HP Inline 6 Mercruiser?

          Hi Guys:

          There are several differences with the 2 engines apart from the obvious displacement and engine height:

          (i) The 292 was mated to a MCM Mod II drive which did not exhaust through the hub so the exhaust boot would need to be redesigned.
          (ii) The 292 drew raw cooling water through the hull via an external belt driven pump so you would need to be sure the impeller in the outdrive would be adequate.
          (iii) The 292 had side mounting brackets to allow for the operation of the water pump so the brackets would need a retro-fit and redesign.

          In my opinion it should be possible to fit a 292 to a pre-alpha drive using all the MCM 165 marinizing parts only if the raw water pump in the drive provides enough flow to cool the engine.
          On the other hand, there must have been a reason for Mercruiser to discontinue the program after only one year and also to use the Mod. II drive when they had so many pre-alphas available.
          I think the 292 would be a fine marine engine with lots of low end torque but I understand they are a very thirsty engine and at the end of the day it would be much more convenient to install a rebuilt V6 which are cheap and plentiful.
          On the other hand, it would be nice to have the fastest 6 on the lake, eh?



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            Re: 1969 200 HP Inline 6 Mercruiser?

            A 292 will fit right on in with the exception of the taller block height so you have to put on a longer rubber exhaust tube or weld on a 3"tube on the exhaust elbow (ni-rod)but everything else works just fine harmonic balancer front mount every thing!!i have one in my 22' reinell cabin cruiser i will post pics!!


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              Re: 1969 200 HP Inline 6 Mercruiser?

              Well,, for me it was easier because my 165hp (250 chevy)had a cracked block and i wanted a direct replacement (other than lengthening the exhaust rubber) and i wanted a bigger cubic motor 4.8l 292 straight 6 ,and it wasn't a bunch of work!!