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Starter Bolt Sheered Off.....

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  • Starter Bolt Sheered Off.....

    I think I already know the answer to this but thought I would throw it out there anyway. Yesterday took the boat out, when I went to start it, heard a screatching noise from the flywheel, looked, and my starter was hanging by one bolt, Here the inside bolt had sheered off up inside the engine. The engine is a 1998 Mercruiser 3.0L 4cyl. Is there any way to fix this issue other than haveing the entire engine pulled, flipped over, whole bored out for new bolt, put back in. I was estimated about 1500.00 to pull and reinstall the engine bore out for new Bolt. All labor and about $2.00 for the bolt. It is a very peculiar position but I was wondering ifpatience and one of the bolt extractors might work, anyone ever have any luck in using one of those?

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    Re: Starter Bolt Sheered Off.....

    What have you got to loose? Try to get a good center punch start on the broken bolt and drill carefully. I would consider a good sharp cobalt drill bit a must. Maybe even start very small to drill a pilot hole first, then drill the hole for your extractor. When using the extractor be gentle as possible they can be very brittle and I've had them break off inside the bolt. If at all possible I would try carefully heating the block around the bolt to help turn it out easier. Worst case you wind up having to get the block on the drill press. Which means you're no worse off for trying. One other thought, if the extractor just won't turn the bolt after drilling, you could try drilling the entire bolt from the block and using a heli-coil to fix. Good Luck!


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      Re: Starter Bolt Sheered Off.....

      You might get even more good advice if you move this thread to the mercruiser forum. This is the clamp on forum.


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        Re: Starter Bolt Sheered Off.....

        Removing a broken bolt from a block is not difficult, if the right technique is used the first time. If your not experenced at this, then don't try it. I will also not recommend a method either with out seeing the bolt. Do you know a mechanic? any one will do, in fact an automobile mechanic would be the one I would want, they deal with broken bolts all the time. HAve them come over, they will know first what to do,and it won't cost 1500 bucks either, even if you have to pay for their time.


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          Re: Starter Bolt Sheered Off.....

          Thanks all, yes a buddy of mine is a mechanic and he is coming down in august for vacation, I think I will wait for him hopefully we can take care of it easily, I agree Fuzzy the bolt extraction looks to good to be true, I am sure there is a trick. I did look into that heli-coil nb that might be a great option if we scred up the bolt extraction. Thanks again, I will let you all know how it turns out in a few weeks


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            Got them out!

            Thanks for all the replies, I took all the advice, bought a bolt extractor with left handed drill bits, used a right angle drill, definitely took my time, hard area to work in. After about 1.5 hrs and a few cold beers I got the remaining bolt out, actually this looks like it happened before because I got one fragment out which had about 6 threads and then had to extract a second fragment which had about 8 threads. Whew! stopping to get new starter bolts tonight and get her running, Thanks again everyone!