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broke wires coming from under top of motor

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  • broke wires coming from under top of motor

    I have an 80's model 90 hp inline 6 Mercury and was trying to get boat running to sell and discovered some decaying wires that come from up top and lead to to a little box with three connections. I can crank the boat fine and it runs fine on the water hose . was wondering what these wires are for and are they for the trigger assembly (I think). Didn't want to carry to shop if this is something I can easily fix myself. Need some help.

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    Re: broke wires coming from under top of motor

    We need more info, like what color are the wires. Its not the trigger as it would run if the wires to it were broken. It may be the idle stabilizer in which case you can take it off and throw it away. But you need to verify that.
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      Re: broke wires coming from under top of motor

      They are the wires from the stator. They provide the charging for the battery.
      Replacing the stator isn't difficult but you will need the proper flywheel puller to remove the flywheel. Don't remove the bolts from the center hub, use the correct puller.
      You let the factory smoke out of it. All products have smoke installed in them from the factory. You can not purchase this smoke. The problem is, when you let the smoke out of it, the part is ruined and you have to get a new one. I wish I could find a place that sold the factory smoke.

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        Re: broke wires coming from under top of motor

        thanks for the help i thought thats what they were after i looked at it some more today. I also have some other wire that are decaying too after i looked even closer. but these can just be replaced since they are just switch box wires.