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Mercury Classic 50, 45 hp, 87-89 year

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  • Mercury Classic 50, 45 hp, 87-89 year

    serial # 0C145238
    I noticed water coming out of COVER ASSEMBLY, Cylinder Block by #1 spark plug. the previous owner had applied silicon where the gasket was leaking.
    while removing it i broke a wire coming off some type of sensor located next to plug #1 the cover has an opening made to fit around the sensor and plug #1.
    Could some one please tell me what is the name of the sensor and what does it do, i grounded the wire with motor on and it kept on running,, with motor off and ignition key on and i heard something making a very slight noise when i grounded the wire...... also i think the motor is an 89 but would some one know from the serial # what year it is??

    thank you
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    Re: Mercury Classic 50, 45 hp, 87-89 year

    That was your over heat sensor.
    This is free internet advice.

    Have Fun,


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      Re: Mercury Classic 50, 45 hp, 87-89 year

      That's a really late 1989 model. Must be one of the last 45hp motors built.

      Sensor is your temperature switch. There are two versions, each are about $50 to replace:

      96829A 1 260° Tan
      16775A 2 300° Tan/Green

      When grounded, you should hear an alarm.
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        Re: Mercury Classic 50, 45 hp, 87-89 year

        I can't thank you guys enough, great info and fast..... You guys are great.

        joe and carolyn


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          Re: Mercury Classic 50, 45 hp, 87-89 year

          Great Info here thanks for the replies you give the people
          Verlon E. Lawrence
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