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Starter will not turn flywheel.

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  • Starter will not turn flywheel.

    Hey group! Glad to be a part. Hopefully some day I can be of help, but now I need help. Bought my first boat last August, took it out a few times, no problems. Dumb me did not know to winterize, just parked in garage for the winter. Last week, I hooked up the garden hose, charged the battery and tryed to crank.. I ran down the battery trying. Engine was turning over fine, and it tryed to start a couple times. I put battery back on charger, went for three new plugs, and five gallons of fresh gas, and tryed again. All the starter will do now is engage the fly wheel but not turn over. After a few of these keyings, the ground battery cable and bottom of starter are hot.I have an engine manual ordered, but just need a place to start. My engine is a 1994 Mercury Sport-Jet 90. Thanks guys.

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    Re: Starter will not turn flywheel.

    Hi BigjohnallenI dont think this problem is related to wintherizing or not - but lets see. Are you sure you got good connections when you put the battery back in boat ?? If not, the connections will not draw current enough to turn flywheel, and power transfers to heat. Can you turn the flywheel by hand ? Be SURE ignition is off, or you can get badly hurt !! If flywheel can be turned by hand ( will take much power ! ) Clean the battery terminals and get a good connection, change battery and retry. Heat is usually = bad connections.


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      Re: Starter will not turn flywheel.

      Forgod to add:A consequense af not wintherrizing can bee that fuel evaporates from carbs ( if it has so ) leaving residue restricting jets. This can cause hard starting and lean fuel/air mixture that can harm your motor badly. Get this checked before any damage occurs.


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        Re: Starter will not turn flywheel.

        couple of things...How long did you have the starter engaged?? you can fry them letting them spin the motor to long.can you still turn the flywheel by hand?? (ie to verify that the motor is not locked up.)If the motor turns over by hand, but the starter can't do it, you could have fried the starter or burned out the positive batter cable to the starter so as to increase its resistance such that it can't supply enough power to the starter.Either that or you just have a really bad contact somewhere, I'd start there and work my way though.rgdsFranki


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          Re: Starter will not turn flywheel.

          GOOD CONNECTIONS at battery trminals doesn't mean just clean, more important a LARGE SURFACE. If the surface isn't large enough between the battery and the starter cable, MELTDOWN.


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            Re: Starter will not turn flywheel.

            Hi bigjohn and welcome to the forum....If all connections are in good shape as the above good advice posts have mentioned, the brushes in the starter may need replaced. Not a big deal job but a good service manual for your engine is a must for any type service work. Most guys prefer the OEM manuals from the dealer because of all specific info for the particular engine. Also, when posting a problem here at the forum, also include make, hp and model number. It does help. Thanks and good luck!!
            When in doubt...use the manual

            Rayland, Ohio....Along the Muddy Banks of the Mighty Ohio River.


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              Re: Starter will not turn flywheel.

              If you crank too long WITHOUT stopping for a few minutes between cranks you will fry your starter. On most of them starters the wires are CRIMPED to the armature. The only way to fix it is to have it re-man'd or buy a new one. How do I know this??? Let's not get into that. I had mine re-built for 90 dollars. (I thought that was high) In the rebuild I got new brushes, springs, all the connections brazed and painted. Starter has worked flawlessly since. New was about 150.00. I have no idea if they still "crimp" the windings or solder/braze them. The starter acted just as yours does now.


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                Re: Starter will not turn flywheel.

                Then when you get the starter fixed, help out your engine and starter after a winter storage by squirting some pre-mix oil/gas into the carbs if it doesn't fire up immediately.