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1985 Sea Ray w/ 140 Merc

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  • 1985 Sea Ray w/ 140 Merc

    I was given an '85 Sea Ray Seville Bowrider with a 140 Mercruiser engine. Long story short, I have the block and hull and that's about it. The outdrive, head, manifold, alternator and starter were all thrown away by a guy "cleaning the place up" so it all needs replacing. Any recommendations? The hull seems ok although I really need to investigate the transom and stringers since it's been in the weather for awhile. I'll be doing lots of work on the upholstry as well. Since I already have another new boat, I don't really want to put a lot of money into this one although the kids would probably love to ski behind it instead of my pontoon boat! Any ideas and/or engine and outdrive sources would be VERY welcome! THANKS!

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    Re: 1985 Sea Ray w/ 140 Merc

    I have to beat ODDD1 to the punch on this one. For power, you might consider shopping around for a used engine/outdrive unit that would fit in your existing transom cutout. That may be cheaper in the long run than trying to piece together what you've got.However, considering everything that may be wrong with this package...you really should determine if it's worth your time and effort revamping it. A big plus would be if you discover the hull, stringers, transom etc...are in good condition. If not, then it will take either a lot of mullah, or a lot of labor to make these structurally sound again. To me...that's where this project has to begin.For the average guy...a big project like this can quickly become a major money pit. Like ODDD1 once said..."you'll never again claim this boat was FREE!!"Good luck!Walt


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      Re: 1985 Sea Ray w/ 140 Merc

      THANKS for the response Walt! I talked with a local dealer yesterday, one that primarily deals with used equipment. He too suggested the very FIRST step was to determine if the hull/transom was ok. I poked around on the transom (from the inside, of course) and found it to be very sturdy. This particular boat has the fuel tank beneath the floor and midline, right in front of the motor. There is some wood rot in the fuel tank holding area. At first glance, it doesn't seem to be that difficult to remove the damaged wood, replacing it and then resealing it. I also had the chance to get a much better look at the engine as I finally cleared all of the contractors plastic from the area. It appears all I'm missing is the head, manifold, carb and of course the outdrive. I still can't believe he "threw that away". I have a good idea it'll show up in a shop around here soon!Anyway, THANKS for your reply and thanks also for the advice!!