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Fried electric board

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  • Fried electric board

    Okay so this past weekend the cranking battery died on my 2015 nitro. We tested the battery and it said it was bad. So we got a new battery no big deal. Well the next trip to the lake the on the new battery within 4 hours the battery died again so obviously there is something draining the battery substantially. Well that's the start of the problem. When trying to jump from the trolling batteries without me noticing my fishing partner hooked up the cables to each battery instead of just one (24 volt trolling motor). So the engine started and immediately went into guardian mode and would not let it run over 1500 rpm. Took it to the mechanic yesterday. They said it fried a board when we cranked from 24v instead of 12v. And they still don't know what is draining the cranking battery in the first place. So my question is does anyone know what board this could be that is fried and the cost. Also any ideas of what could be draining my cranking battery so much?

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    Welcome aboard.

    What does the circuit board cost and what circuit board is it?
    1. What Merc motor is it? Never heard of a Nitro motor.
    2. Ask your Mechanic - He knows if he said it's bad.
    3. Why is the battery draining? See #1.
    Please, no PM's (Private Messages) regarding boat/engine problems.
    That is what the forums are for.
    Only forum/moderator issues will be answered in PM's.


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      Sorry forgot to put motor. It's a 2015 200 mercury pro xs


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        Guessing it’s the PCM. Cost @ $1,500-$2,000 new
        Last edited by dingbat; October 5th, 2017, 09:26 PM.