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Oil drain plug on a Merc 2016 25 hp four stroke

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  • Oil drain plug on a Merc 2016 25 hp four stroke

    Where is the crankcase drain plug on a 2016 Mercury 25 4 stroke? Is it the little black plastic "plug" on the right side of the motor a bit below the cowling? If that is it, how do you remove it without buggering it up? There is a hose inside the cowling that runs to it from the block(?).

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    I have a 2010 30 hp, the drain plug is on the right side below the cowling. I use a six point socket that fits.
    Mine is not black it's silver.


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      4-strokes use part of the leg as the block sump. there is no hose
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        It doesn't look like a bolt or nut and appears to be rounded with no flats for a wrench. I'm gonna go ask a dealer.


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          It sounds like you're looking at the telltale fitting.
          The drain plug is a bolt about halfway down the starboard side, as mentioned.
          Tilt the motor all the way up and turn it so the bolt faces down.
          Now it will drain straight into a pan without running down the housing.

          If you google-image it, you'll see pics of a fitting (with flats) with a hose.
          Those are the dripless fittings on the new, bigger four strokes - ignore those.

          EDIT: If I think of it, I'll try and grab you a pic of one in the showroom today.


          • #6
            Did you get a owners manual with it? Should show you in it.


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              I found it - thanks.. The owners manual has a lame drawing and just says "remove drain plug" and shows it in the wrong place. Does not tell you to use a wrench or what size the bolt head is.


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                Fine then, no picture for you !


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                  While we are on the subject of Mercs, does anyone know if there is a mercury compatible remote motor control ( throttle and F/N/R) that would mount on the starboard side (right side looking forward) of a center console? The ones I have seen look like they are made to mount on the starboard side of the boat itself by the gunwale. I'm thinking of installing a bigger motor (40 hp with power tilt and electric start) with a center console and remote controls/steering. I could flush mount the controls, but I am looking at a Todd console and it is not very wide.


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                    The older remotes with the rectangular base have a reversible handle just for that application.
                    The new ones with the oval base are not reversible and Mercury doesn't have a new product for mounting to the right side of a center console.
                    Conversely, you could use the binnacle mount control and fab up a bracket or pod that bolts to the side of the console.
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                      Sign up today
                      Thanks - I'll figure something out when the time comes. Maybe Mercury will come through with a product by then.