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1995 20hp fast idle lever

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  • 1995 20hp fast idle lever

    I bought a new lever and idle wire. The wire was missing and the groove in the lever was damaged and it would not move while turning the knob. The new lever is part number 12805 3. It seems to be the correct one. But the old one is part number 12805 4.The new one molds around the carb and the carb cover and the old one bends away from the carb and the fuel line is in the way and the wire does not pass it. The biggest issue is the the wire does not advance the timing because it is too long. The picture of the idle wire is with the knob turned fully to the right. The last picture is the old lever.

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    What is your serial #


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        You have the wrong lever.
        12805 4 LEVER-FAST IDLE (1 required per assembly) (20/25) SN# USA-0G437999/BEL-9926999 & Below


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          Yes I just put the old one on and pulled it forward and it pulls tight. But it does rub on the fuel line though.My first time ordering merc parts and I still find it confusing. I did not see the part number until after I removed it. Do you think the other lever will work if I shorten the wire? I only found one 12805 4 online and it is 22 dollars US. So with shipping and exchange it will be 50 dollars Canadian. The lever and wire I bought cost 10 dollars US combined, but with shipping and exchange it cost me almost 30 dollars. And I had to wait almost 2 weeks to get them.


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            Try a dealer it is not an NLA part.


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              I just looked at the Mercury marine website and it appears that it is NLA. Also Iboats does not have it as well as many other part sites are listing it as NLA.


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                If the wire is not popping out of it just use it the way it is. Or use epoxy to repair the old one. I would cut the wire as a last resort because you may not get the movement you need.


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                  Is the wire meant to pull the trigger forward or just snug up against it? The reason I ask is the timing link is holding the trigger and the wire can not pull it forward.


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                    -That is for the fast idle when you start it it will pull the assembly forward.


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                      Okay thanks and sorry for the stupid questions. Right now in the summer I just prime it and go, but Last year I fished until freeze up and I had problems until it warmed up. Someone has offered me more than what I paid for this motor and I think I might sell it. Where I am it is hard to find long shaft motors in the lower horse power range. A little off topic but do you know what the difference is with a Merc sea pro? I did notice it has side shift, which is more my style. I have been looking at a 30hp sea pro which I think is a 2012 model. Are these good motors? Again thanks you have been very helpful.
                      Last edited by hardwater fisherman; July 1st, 2017, 04:06 PM.


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                        The 2012 merc sea pro is more resistant to salt water. It is also built by tohatsu and is an excellent motor.


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                          Alright thanks again.


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                            Originally posted by flyingscott View Post
                            -That is for the fast idle when you start it it will pull the assembly forward.
                            Well I think I know why I am having problems to get the fast idle functioning. As I mentioned in post 9 the trigger is being held fully forward by the timing link. The link is in no way attached to the throttle. I think I am missing something and the previous owner just locked the trigger forward. By looking at other similar motors I would assume the trigger should be connected in some way to the throttle linkage. Sorry about the sideways photos again, they are not that way on my phone but for some reason they are sideways after I put them on the computer.
                            Last edited by hardwater fisherman; July 7th, 2017, 07:59 PM.


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                              That ignition system is unique because the stator is held in place permanently by that rod. The timing curve is built into the switch box I don't have the manual for that ignition system.