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1995 Mariner 115hp 4 cyl 2 stroke- Seized

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  • 1995 Mariner 115hp 4 cyl 2 stroke- Seized

    This motor started fine after storage but telltale was not as strong as it should be. So went to shut it down and check impeller out. It would not shut off until I hit the kill switch and shutoff fuel. Water pump housing had grooves, seals damaged. Impeller stiff but intact. Replaced all. Tried to start and would not crank. Found shift in gear interlock thinks motor is in gear yet prop spins like neutral. Found out from dealer QS 3000 controls and cable failure recall applies. Dealer replacing controls and cables. Try to start and still locked up. Pulled plugs and tried flywheel no go. Dealer borescoped and said no damage evident in the cylinder area through the plug holes that it must be in lower part of power head. Also tried again with lower unit off still stuck. I need to get it home and get the service manual to tear down and inspect what it could be the dealer wants a lot to tear down further. Any help pointing in the right direction is appreciated. This motor has been well taken care of and stored in my workshop barn in winter.

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    Looking at rebuilding but I need to get in there and see what I have going on. What is the easiest access to the crankshaft, connecting rods, and bearings??
    I think I can get access to the cylinders through the exhaust/cooling cover with all the thirty bolts on the left side, correct??


    • #3
      Removing the exhaust cover will allow you to look at the pistons and rings through the exhaust ports.----It will also allow you to see if one of the cylinder sleeves has moved.---That would be serious trouble.


      • #4
        Racerone thank you for the confirmation. I hope none of the sleeves have moved. What about access to the crankshaft and bearings??


        • #5
          That would require removal of powerhead and a complete teardown.--------Not hard to do.


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            My serial number is 0G272245. I have a PDF of the service manual somewhere but I cannot find it.