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1996 30HP Mariner Starting Then Stalling

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  • 1996 30HP Mariner Starting Then Stalling

    Hey All,

    I could really use your help, as I'm getting pretty frustrated with a 1996 30 HP Mariner 2 Cycle...

    I put the boat back in the water this weekend and cruised around for about an hour, then all of a sudden, the motor just cut out at high throttle. Then I tried to start it again, and it would run for a few seconds, and quit again.

    I paddled back to the dock (ouch), and checked everything over, noticing that there was a hissing coming from the old metal gas tank coupling when I attempted to use the primer bulb. Naturally, I thought I'd start with the easy stuff first. I replaced the fuel hose (primer bulb and couplings included), and the tank, then I primed it again, started the motor, and it ran fine for a few minutes. It was starting to storm, so I thought I'd take the kids for a ride the next morning.

    We got about 5 minutes into the ride, and the same thing happened again, and I once again was left with a boat that would only start for a few seconds, then it would die. The gas is brand new gas, complete with Stabil marine.

    Here is a video I shot of the symptoms - I've ordered a carb rebuild kit, fuel pump rebuild kit, and a new fuel filter. Am I on the right track, and which one should I start with?


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    Will it restart like that all day long or after two or three tries will it stop altogether? You might have someone pump the primer bulb WHILE you start it... That might test the fuel pump issue.

    It seems like it has to do with heat once you've warmed it up it gets vapor lock or some similar type of situation. When it shuts down a small amount of gas can fill the fuel bowls... Enough to let it run a couple seconds whereas at first start the bowls have filled over night. Stupid question but you're opening the vent on the gas tank right? Sorry, sounds like you've Boater enough to know that one.

    I think Redneck joe had a similar problem on his inboard having to do with a gasket between the card and the manifold. I know yours is an outboard but may be worth mentioning.
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