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1963 Sabre Craft Mercruiser Outdrive ID

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  • 1963 Sabre Craft Mercruiser Outdrive ID

    Got everything running and operational. Tested systems out of water with earmuffs and all was operational. Put the boat in the water and immediately lost the impeller (assuming) as the water temp continued to increase well above 200 as I headed back towards shore. After inspection, found rubber pieces in the inlet ports of the lower unit. Since I'll be disassembling the outdrive, I'm looking to identify it since it does not fit into any of the categories for common outdrives. I've researched enough to find 1963 is most likely one of the first Mercruiser I/O's. I've also tried to categorize as a Merc 1 with no matching housings. It's impossible to locate the parts I'll need without properly identifying this unit. Is anyone familiar with this unit? HELP...?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2ce453b3d05fde6d0fd72ef80d1b2d2d.jpg
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    Re: 1963 Sabre Craft Mercruiser Outdrive ID

    Ayuh,.... Welcome Aboard,.... It appears to Me, you have a Model 0,....

    4 cylinder Renault in front of it,..?? 60hp or so,..??

    I don't think you can buy parts for it,...

    I'll move this to the Mercruiser forum, 'n We'll see what We get,....
    Any Grease is Better,..... Than No Grease at All.......


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      Re: 1963 Sabre Craft Mercruiser Outdrive ID

      According to responses to my research I have an old #1 drive. It's mounted to a GM 153 4cyl 110hp. SeaWay has the schematics and most of the part are available still, with a few which are obsolete. Ed at Sterndrive.com was great and responded right back to my inquiries and set me on the right path. Just need to find a copy of service manual #1 now...

      Tore the drive apart last night and fond the impeller was fried. Besides the gaskets, everything is looking good inside. Next challenge is getting to the exhaust bellows for replacement and check the main drive bearings for the source of the growl and vibration.

      Any tricks to getting at the bellows for replacement? Bell Housing and Gimbal ring look like they have a couple challenges for me.


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        Re: 1963 Sabre Craft Mercruiser Outdrive ID

        Did you look at the history and id file in the stickies? Go to this link http://forums.iboats.com/mercruiser-...on-329915.html and look at the first item on the list.
        Don S.


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