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Just got my First Boat, a few Questions

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  • Just got my First Boat, a few Questions

    I picked up a 1989 Cheetah 1800LS. It has the 3.0L Merc

    first thing is the speedo doesn't work, the pickup on the back of the boat is broke, i think its a pen type. Where can I get one of these?

    I don't think the tach works correctly, at WOT the tach says i'm turning 5,500rpms, its a 19 pitch prop. can it actually rev that high with a prop like that?

    the outdrive was rebuilt in 1998. when you have the trim all the way down, or when you are turning at part throttle it gets very noisy. I don't notice this noise as much at WOT. Is that the gimble bearing? or is it the u joint?

    the left windshield is busted out, the original manufacture of the glass is out of business, the guy who owned it before me said he found a place that will make one but they want almost 600 bucks to do it. Does anyone know of another solution other than plexiglass?

    also should i convert to electronic ignition or just leave it as points. to me points are more reliable, but if electronic ignition will wake the engine up a bit then i will go that route

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    Re: Just got my First Boat, a few Questions

    yer might be able to get a replacement pitot tube for your speedo here at iboats..
    or, you could forgo the speedo and put some other useful gauge in the hole and use a gps too. fwiw. my boat don't have a speedo so i use a gps.

    some tachs have an adj. on them for switching between 4, 6 and 8 cyl. engines. ya might confirm that it's in the right position if there is one. or. you could test the tach against a shop tach.

    could be either or on the noise when turning. pull the drive and check them out. the gimble brg. should turn w/o feel or noise. it should feel like nothing when you turn it by hand. you can inspect the ujoints at that point too. usually you can lub them. not that it'll help if they are bad. any rust on anything inside the bellows is cause to R&R that item and maybe more.

    there are some windshield parts here on iboats. other than that????? windshields are very expensive. no doubt about it... me, i'm lucky. my windshield pieces are plexiglass and still available from my oem. that's real lucky for me. most oems don't have that option.

    imho, keep the points. just maintain them and they'll be reliable too. i do new ones once a year. so far i've never had a problem with points. some will say that electronic is the way to go and claim better performance. i'm personally not a believer. my engine starts as easy as a fi engine and idles just fine at 600 round abouts...

    that's my 2 cent... mileage may vary....
    'Lime Time'
    1975 AristoCraft Nineteen
    Mercruiser 165hp (chevy 250 L6), MC-1 drive


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      Re: Just got my First Boat, a few Questions

      so i have to pull the outdrive to get at the u joint?


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        Re: Just got my First Boat, a few Questions

        Yes, and there are many threads here that explain that process and even how to build an outdrive stand.
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