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270 outdrive compatible engines?

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  • 270 outdrive compatible engines?

    Does anyone have a list of compatible engines for a Volvo 270 outdrive?

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    Re: 270 outdrive compatible engines?

    Volvo used the 270 on many motors. You have to have the correct gear ratio for the type of motor.

    What motor did your outdrive come off of?
    '88 Baretta Success 200
    Volvo Penta AQ260/275

    '96 Weeres Suntanner 24
    '01 90hp Johnson


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      Re: 270 outdrive compatible engines?

      Ayuh,... Welcome Aboard,....

      Why not tell Us what you've got goin' on, rather than asking broad unanswerable questions....
      Any Grease is Better,..... Than No Grease at All.......


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        Re: 270 outdrive compatible engines?

        Thanks for the prompt reply; I didnít think the gearing would be different, although now that I think about it, it makes sense.

        The original engine was a Penta AQ130c, I am looking to replace the engine as it is really at the end of its life but I aim to keep the out drive as it is in good shape. Options seem to be limited but that is probably because I am looking for the wrong thing.

        Any help would be much appreciated.


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          Re: 270 outdrive compatible engines?

          Between the gear ratio of the drive, the exhaust tube that attaches to the transom shield, you are pretty much destined to keep the same basic engine. An overhead valve, volvo 4 cylinder engine. Only thing the bellhousing (flywheel cover) that attches to the drive is designed for.
          This is just the few major reasons. Since you are wanting to do re- engineeering, you will find many other reasons along the way if you try.
          Don S.


          Please, no PM's (Private Messages) regarding boat/engine problems.
          That is what the forums are for.
          Only forum/moderator issues will be answered in PM's.


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            Re: 270 outdrive compatible engines?

            If your current motor is not damaged, cracked block or something, you may consider rebuilding that one. Otherwise your just seaching for the same motor.

            Have you done a compression test? What's the rest of the story?
            '88 Baretta Success 200
            Volvo Penta AQ260/275

            '96 Weeres Suntanner 24
            '01 90hp Johnson


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              Re: 270 outdrive compatible engines?

              I bought the boat on the cheap knowing that the engine would need a lot of work or replacing. The engine is not the original, it is obvious that it has been submerged (not in this boat) and possibly run after it was submerged without being overhauled. The cylinders have been bored out a long way and I am informed that it may not be a good idea to do it again, but it needs another re-bore (it has obviously seen some work) and the cooling and exhaust ports are all very badly corroded. I can save many of the original parts and so may be able to use them to rebuild another partially complete engine.

              Aside from the engine, the boat is in good order it is a Draco 2000 and seems to have been looked after. I have already restored all of the wood work and the outdrive but the time has come to tackle the power plant issue.

              Don S, it sounds like my search for another 130c is destined to go on, thanks for the advice, I could have found myself going down a black hole of engineering headaches.