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mercruiser 165 hp 4 cylinder

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  • mercruiser 165 hp 4 cylinder

    I've just purchased a boat with a mercruiser 165 hp 4 cylinder engine. I'm told it is a Ford engine, but I'm having trouble finding any info on it. It has a closed cooling system. Does anyone know more about this engine? What model? Parts avalibility etc. ? Would like to get a manual.

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    Re: mercruiser 165 hp 4 cylinder

    You are the proud new owner of the dreaded 470...it's not a Ford, but does use a 460 head. It was a proprietary Mercuruiser engine, and not one of their brightest ideas.
    Seach the forum for 470 and you will learn all about it.
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      Re: mercruiser 165 hp 4 cylinder

      Search will help as there are a ton of threads.

      There are some here who will trash the motor out of hand and others will tell you it has its issues but they are known by now and are reasonably easy to work around and look out for.

      In earlier models the heat exchanger was 3". These tended to run hot and any overheat in a 470 is bad news due to the aluminum block and iron head causing a leak. Mid model on they had 4" heat exchangers which are well regarded.

      They also came with an outboard style stator and raw water cooled voltage regulator. This system was prone to failure and expensive to repair. If it has not already been done, you can easily upgrade to an alternator for 100-500 bucks depending on the kit.

      They also had a tendency to leak water out of a cam seal in high time motors but there is a 20 buck speedy sleave fix that resolves that.

      On the plus side, they have a great power to weight ratio and have a lot of torque and are known for good mileage. They are also about 300 lbs lighter than their modern replacements, the 4.3.

      In summation, if you are mechanically competent they have some significant upsides. If I'm missing something, I'm sure others will chime in.


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        Re: mercruiser 165 hp 4 cylinder

        You missed mentioning the insanely ponderous method of adjusting valve lash by using pushrods of differing lengths and the great difficulty in installing the cylinder head correctly by most anyone that is not truely experienced with the peculularities of it.
        The last time religion controlled the world it was known as the Dark Ages


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          Re: mercruiser 165 hp 4 cylinder

          So you are saying it can be a bit particular when rebuilding. How often do you rebuild your motors?


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            Re: mercruiser 165 hp 4 cylinder

            This boat has had the alternator kit upgrade done already. How do you tell what the size of the heat exchanger is and is it an easy upgrade?

            Thanks, Dean


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              Re: mercruiser 165 hp 4 cylinder

              pretty straight forward... measuring tape across the heat exchanger pipe... 4 inches is what you want. Its the big tube on the port side about 1/3 up.


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                Re: mercruiser 165 hp 4 cylinder

                I have this same engine in a 1988 Celebrity. Aside of the fact of dealing with som eoverheating issues. It has been a pretty good set of engines. They do get hot tho. Im still dealing with an overheat issue on the port engine.
                I wish you luck. I got my Tech Manual online. I search 1986-1994 Mercruiser Tech Manual.
                I believe its a 3.7 Liter Chrysler LX. My mechanic told me they used a block of a Ford 460. Which i didnt understand at first.
                I will say that manual and this website have come in very handy.
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                  Re: mercruiser 165 hp 4 cylinder

                  The Alum block is Mercruiser`s own. NO relation to any known car type engine.
                  460 head, pistons
                  rods and bearings i think are 351 ford items.