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Ready for outdrive install?

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  • Ready for outdrive install?

    I'm about to install my Alpha one gen 1 sterndrive back onto the boat.
    Gasket surfaces clean
    Shift parts greased
    bolt threads cleaned
    grease holding the water inlet gasket in place
    A little grease holding the exhaust bellows in place (the top big one whatever that is - shift bellows?)
    replaced the two rings on the outdrive shaft
    Torque wrench ready at 50 ftllbs

    Anything else?
    ** most importantly** Also once done is there a way to test its waterproof other than taking it to the lake?
    I dont want to spray high pressure water into the gimbal etc really but would love to know its water proof before putting it into the lake

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    If you have not used "Gorilla Snot" glue to hold the large rubber ring that seals the drive shaft housing to the bell housing you will get a nice leak into the boat. Also try to have the drive supported when installing, the Macho way of trying to jam it into the bellhousing is flirting with disaster and usually tears the gasket. Either use a hoist to hold it or get some help and support it with a floor jack. Also be sure that the pocket that the shift slider goes into is clean of salt residue or white rust.
    Kenner, Louisiana 1980 Donzi 18'. 2+3 6.2 MPI Alpha 1


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      ok thanks
      any alternatives to 'Gorilla Snot' ? never heard of it


      • #4
        contact cement, bellows adhesive, 3M weatherstrip adhesive, etc.


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          Control handle WOT forward, lower shift shaft turned all the way clockwise, prop rotated counterclockwise until it locks and held locked with a bungee. Roller on underside of upper shift shaft lever captured between the two arms of the shift slide. yeah 50 ft lb.
          Last edited by stonyloam; October 7th, 2017, 06:04 PM.
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          470/Alpha I


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            check - check - check - check - great! Thanks looks like im doing it right

            Any ideas about leak testing other than putting it in the lake?
            Last edited by lister; October 7th, 2017, 06:17 PM.


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              Grease holding the bellows in place?

              Which bellows? Shouldn't they all be glued & clamped In place?

              Don't forget to have everything in forward gear & the prop locked like stonyloam mentioned.

              I always thought that Merc's bellows adhesive was nothing more than 3M's super weatherstrip adhesive. I've used that stuff for a lot of years working in the body shops. And snot is the correct way to describe that stuff.

              Good luck lister.


              • #8
                Ended up using weatherstrip/gasket adhesive.
                Now to back in into the lake to see if I did it right.


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                  Originally posted by lister View Post
                  Ended up using weatherstrip/gasket adhesive.
                  Now to back in into the lake to see if I did it right.
                  Don't you hate that feeling? Like when the police car is following you down the road, you know you're not doing nothing wrong, but you'd feel a whole lot better if they'd just turn off somewhere.

                  Good luck & make sure that bilge pump is working. You know, just in case. Have a good one.


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                    Sign up today
                    Thats me with everything about this boat lol
                    No idea what im doing, too cheap to pay someone!
                    Thats why my.boat is.called "bugger all"
                    This forum has been amazing.though