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experience with Lehr Motor

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  • experience with Lehr Motor

    I bought a 5hp long shaft for our sailing club, So far they have put 80 hours on it.
    A couple of small niggling problems the factory fixed , the Kill switch died, Lehr supplied a new one.
    The defective switch had never been tightened properly and had fallen apart ( Qa Problem?) the new one now has 20 hours on it no problem

    A mixture drifting problem was traced to the screw thread on the tapered needle in the carb being too slack. factory suggested a drop of Loctite, and told me if that did not work they would send me a new carb slide assembly.
    The first clue that this is going on , is that the motor will not idle properly.
    Other than that it works fine , starts every time, and as the gasoline motors wear out or get messed up by the gasohol, I will replace them with Propane motors.
    Brian Evans.

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    Re: experience with Lehr Motor

    I saw these at the boat show and was looking at their 2.5hp as a kicker for my boat, great idea and for the convenience of the 1lb bottles I would strongly and will consider one


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      Following up on my experience with the Lehr 5hp motors. this is now two years later. After I had run one motor for about a year with no problems other than the niggles with the kill switch and the mixture. we bought 3 more. The first motor ( the original.) ran about 700 hours then started having erratic starting problems. this was traced to overheating of the motor. we have a very kelp prone area and it is possible to get a kelp leaf wrapped around the lower strut cutting off the cooling water, the engine just died, the offender saw the kelp leaf wrapped around the strut , took it off, and restarted the motor, however the damage had been done , it was never the same after that. I finally took it back to Lehr for evaluation, they offered me a refurbished motor in trade which we took, they said the motor I took in was beyond repair. I now have another casualty one of the 3 motors we bought has died at 448 hours total time with a thrown connecting rod, I am stripping that motor down now to find the cause, I will post here when I get the results. It should be noted that I am chief of maintenance for a sailing club and have 16 boats to look after, 4 of these boats are now fitted with the 5hp Lehr motors, and the members will play musical boats to get the propane powered motors , because they are much easier to start than the gasoline powered motors.


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        A good follow-up report, Brian. Thanks.

        How do the Lehrs compare maintenance-wise against the gasoline motors, barring kelp and ease of starting?
        Please, no PM's (Private Messages) regarding boat/engine problems.
        That is what the forums are for.
        Only forum/moderator issues will be answered in PM's.


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          It sounds like your experience has been very good. Most outboards, especially little ones, never see those kinds of hours. Not to mention you have a bunch of "Blow Boaters" running them.

          Thanks for sharing.


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