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Need help with Johnson Mile Master fuel tank

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  • Need help with Johnson Mile Master fuel tank

    I'm getting ready to go on a trip in a few weeks, and the last time I took the 14' Alumacraft out with my 5.5HP Johnson CD-11 1954 Outboard, I noticed that the top gasket on the Mile Master fuel tank (the gasket that the top handle and pressure pump and filler cap is in) was leaking.So, I proceeded to remove the screws and pull off the top tank handle/pump assembly.I carefully removed the cork gasket, in case I wanted to make a new one from it, (likely will use RTV) and noticed another gasket and thought I'd inspect it's condition.BIG MISTAKE. I undid the screws like an idiot, and out came two springs, a valve seat disc of some sort, and an aluminum washer, as well as a plastic & rubber plunger.Can anyone help me reassemble these things?If not, can anyone give me tips on a replacement fuel tank to use with this motor?Also, does anyone know of replacement tank pressure pump gasket/diaphragm parts? Mine's cracked and might not last another season.I'd be grateful!

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    Re: Need help with Johnson Mile Master fuel tank

    Welcome to iboats.Boy, are you in Deep Caca! No replacement tanks still in production. But don't despair. Don't know if Bombardier is still making replacement parts, but if you can find a dealer that's been around for awhile, parts were available until the OMC bankruptcy. The cork gasket and diaphragm were readily available. There are diaphragms with and without holes in them for the primer. The ones without were the same as the ones with, but without. A leather punch easily solves that. I checked a parts book I have with no luck, but a dealer with the old MicroFiche can definately help.Best of Luck! It'd be a shame to retire that fine Classic for a few lousy gas tank parts. I'll bet there'll be a few afficianados that'll be glad to fill in the gaps. Thanks for posting.
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      Re: Need help with Johnson Mile Master fuel tank

      Post your email address and I will send you a diagram.


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        Re: Need help with Johnson Mile Master fuel tank

        Thanks for the info WillyB, The tank is fine, actually really nice, so I'd really love to be able to get it working right.Alcan, my email address is ballisticvoodoo@yahoo.comThanks very much!!!