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OMC Adhesive M Sealant - Sealer 1000 Substitute

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  • OMC Adhesive M Sealant - Sealer 1000 Substitute

    FWIW, I was looking for OMC Adhesive M Sealant for a water pump replacement job.Found an OMC dealer that had it. He said this is what Bombardier sent for his stock.The product was 3M Scotch-Grip Rubber and Gasket Adhesive #847.Comes in a red tube and works just fine!

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    Re: OMC Adhesive M Sealant - Sealer 1000 Substitute

    I also have questions about alternate products. There are 4 things they say to have on hand for water pump replavement. OMC needle bearing grease.., OMC gasket sealent.., OMC adhesieve and gear case oil. It would seem these products would have quality counterparts. Hopeing somebody will reply.
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      Re: OMC Adhesive M Sealant - Sealer 1000 Substitute

      You will need a lite sealant such as Sealer 1000 or equal. Of course OMC wants you to ues their stuff. You will also need some kind of waterproof grease to lube the top of the driveshaft but that is it. No need for gear case oil to change the waterpump.


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        Re: OMC Adhesive M Sealant - Sealer 1000 Substitute

        Sealer 1000 used to be made by Marpox but is now made by Boat Armour who also make resins, cloth, etc. and is available thru marine distributors that a dealer or shop can order through.


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          Re: OMC Adhesive M Sealant - Sealer 1000 Substitute

          You just need the sealer/adhesive mentioned above. It holds the o-ring seals in place when positioning the impeller housing, and housing liner. If the seals move when you tighten things up you will have a bothced job. I don't see why you can not use the Permatex gorilla snot (yellow stuff), but the OMC adhesive seems easier to remove after it hardens.The OMC Gasket sealing compound you should get from a dealer. Most have it. It is not only used to seal threads and gaskets, but is recommended for coating bolts and preventing their corrosion. I noticed that my OEM lower unit bolts had the sealer on them and they came right out after 3-years of saltwater use. This is a non-hardening sealer. Permatex makes something similar, but I am not sure how it reacts under water.The needle bearing grease is just for holding the drive key onto the shaft while you slide the impeller down. I greased the whole shaft with OMC blue grease, then used a dab of heavy axle bearing grease to hold the key in place. This is the only use I can think of as the stuff turns to cement after years of exposure to salt water.Coat the impeller housing with outboard oil, though any oil will do. Maybe cooking oil is more enviro friendly.The spline end of the shaft needs to be lightly coated with moly grease. This comes with the OMC kit. I would not scrimp here as a frozen spline is a problem you don't ever want to have.