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1996 50 HP Johnson vro removal

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  • 1996 50 HP Johnson vro removal

    Could someone please explain to me how to remove the oil injection from this motor. I just picked this motor up for $200.00 as my neighbour repowered with a 50 4 stroke Yamaha. Compression is 138 lbs in both and I'm in thr process of cleaning carbs and changing lines and fuel filter. Decided to mix gas t see if I could have better luck than him. Any links, let me know thanks.

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    Re: 1996 50 HP Johnson vro removal



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      Re: 1996 50 HP Johnson vro removal

      Seems that other people are getting reply's to there post about vro, What did i do? Have been having trouble getting replys to my questions. My apologies if I have upset any one. Maybe it's the name. Do I need to change fuel pumps if I disconnect the VRO? Also on the shift linkage side of the motor there is a little red triangle which i believe has something to do with manual starting. What position should this be in? And finally does anyone have a spare owners manual for a 96 50 hp Johnson.


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        Re: 1996 50 HP Johnson vro removal

        Kiya ,VRO pump works just fine as a 50:1 pumper after the oil inlet has been capped or plugged off.You can either remove the remote oil tank and its hose or leave it in place and simply plug the lines off.You'll also want to unplug the amphenol connector that the 4 VRO wires lead to.This will disarm the VRO alarms.Next unplug the two wires under motor cover from the remote oil reservoir.You can trace them from the remote oil tank to their connectors under the engine cover.This will disarm the low oil alarm.You can test the overheat alarm to insure it still operates by having the key in the "on" position and grounding the tan lead from the temp sensor located near the top left of the engine block as viewed from the rear.The red lever on the side of the primer solenoid should be inline with the body of the solenoid with the end of the lever facing aft.This is the normal "run" position.You will only need to operate this lever in the event that the electric solenoid has failed and you need a means of manually priming the engine.


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          Re: 1996 50 HP Johnson vro removal

          Thanks ob i appreciate yor reply. Therefore i do not have to buy a new fuel pump as i was told by the mechanic here.


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            Re: 1996 50 HP Johnson vro removal

            That's affirmative.At least until that one wears out ,in which case you can get a rebuild kit for the fuel half and air motor.Mines been working just fine as a 50:1 pumper for more than a year without a hitch.


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              Re: 1996 50 HP Johnson vro removal

              Thanks OB much appreciated.