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1977 Johnson 25 hp 25r77s Mix & ?

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  • 1977 Johnson 25 hp 25r77s Mix & ?

    I just bought a 16' lake jon at a state auction last week and out of the blue yesterday I get a call from a friend I haven't talked to in months saying she knew someone that had a 1997 25 horse johnson for $600. I flew over there as fast as I could drive. It ended up being a 1977 25 and I talked her down to $150. I am sure I could have got it for $100 but I didn't go any lower. She needed the money and she seemed nice. She didn't know or care about boats, she got it in a divorce or something. I got a bill of sale.Anyway, what would the mix be? Any things I should do before I try to start it? She said it has sat 2 years (Laying down on it's side). Looks pretty clean but that doesn't mean much. Is it a long shaft or short? Compression? Important specs?Sorry for all the stupid newbie questions. This is my first boat motor that wasn't some small ancient turd. I have tools and mechanic skills just never have worked on outboards before. First thing I plan on doing is buying a clymer book on it. But till then I will have many questions I am sure.

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    Re: 1977 Johnson 25 hp 25r77s Mix & ?

    Since you say you're mechanically inclined, I would recommend that you pull the lower unit and replace the water pump before you even start it. They deteriorate with age whether they are used or not. You would have to do it soon anyway, and if you do it now you won't have to worry about it.The mix is 50:1.After the water pump you should squirt some pre-mix in the spark plug holes to lubricate the cylinder (will help it start also). You may find even if it runs that it may need a carburetor rebuild since 2 years of inactivity may have gummed up the carburetor. Once its running do a compression test with the engine warmed up, plugs out, at full throttle. Cylinder should be within 10-15 psi of each other. Then you can go boating knowing you did in fact get a real deal.


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      Re: 1977 Johnson 25 hp 25r77s Mix & ?

      That is exactly the advice I was looking for!! Thank you! I am going to do that. I am going to call the local johnson dealer and see what I can get a new water pump for and probably a carb rebuild kit for safe measure. I expect to do some work on it at that price but I am hoping for the best. We will see.Thanks again.Ric


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        Re: 1977 Johnson 25 hp 25r77s Mix & ?

        I think you got a deal. The propeller alone is probably worth $75.