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Older Evinrude 6hp Model 6602E

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  • Older Evinrude 6hp Model 6602E

    Hello to all,I've just purchased an old 12ft alluminium boat with a 6hp Evinrude Model 6602e.My problem is that I am machanically illiterate.The pull start rope was snapped and needs replacing.I did this and pulled the rope the gears engaged and the motor turns over, but the rope won't rewind. What am I missing?Any information about this prob. and about this type of motor (year of manufacture, any known probs etc) would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Older Evinrude 6hp Model 6602E

    G'Day Aussienewbie.Good for you! If you got the recoil starter back together you did well, but it seems that you missed the part about preloading the spring before winding the rope on the pulley.You need a manual. It will guide you through the steps.Sorry I don't have a chart on 'Rude years, but someone who does will be here shortly.Good luck.


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      Re: Older Evinrude 6hp Model 6602E

      It's a 1966.


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        Re: Older Evinrude 6hp Model 6602E

        Thank ShafferNY and JB.I can't complain about the service round here.1 hour after posting I have 2 replies.I've tried other boards (who will remain nameless)over the past 2-3 weeks with no response.I can't seem to come up with a manual for this motor here in Australia (so far), so how involved is "preloading the spring" JB, for the novice or look for a pro to assist?


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          Re: Older Evinrude 6hp Model 6602E

          Since, I have no idea what your recoil looks like, I'll just take a stab at it.Is it the type that mounts on top of the flywheel?If so usually all you have to do is untie the handle on the pull cord and feed the rope back through the hole it comes out of on the recoil. Then give it a few winds in the direction in which you pull it to start the engine, that way the spring inside will pull it back after the engine is started. Then feed the rope back out the hole in the recoil and retie the handle. Since I can't see you engine, this is only a guess. It should work though.


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            Re: Older Evinrude 6hp Model 6602E

            Actually the recoil is verticle, under the flywheel.After recieving the messages through this board I took the recoil assembly apart, to find that the recoil spring was not seated into the base and so was free turning while I was trying to load it.After a little gentle coaxing, I finaly got it back in and all seems to be as it should be.One other question, by the way the motor is a 6 hp "fisherman".On the front of the motor there is a knob with settings marked at 1-3-5 and under this knob it says Low speed mixture.I take it that this is a air/fuel mixture.What should this be set to? or is it a matter of just playing with this till it seems to be running ok?Thanks again