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1972 evinrude problem - no fire to plugs

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  • 1972 evinrude problem - no fire to plugs

    Friday , we were out in boat and I was wakeboarding and after several runs, I had just gotten pulled up (motor was in a heavy load) and all of a sudden it was as if the key was switched off (hasnt started since.)The motor is a 1972 Evinrude 60 hp outboard. I checked the battery (good) and I am getting 12 volts to the ignition module. Also I get 12 volts OUT of the ignition module when cranking on the motor. however I get NO fire to the plugs. I have been told that the iginiion module may be bad , but before ordering that 120 bucks piece I thought I would ask here. I was wondering is there a magneto under the flywheel (big wheel on top of motr) that could have a pin that has sheared? or should I try the ignition module first?

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    Re: 1972 evinrude problem - no fire to plugs

    Daronlittle... You can check out the powerpack on your engine as follows:(Battery Capacitance Dischage Powerpack Test)Purchase a small 12v bulb at your local automotive parts store (the 12v bulb is to look like a flashlight bulb, not a headlight bulb). Solder two wires to that bulb, one to the side of the bulb (ground), and the other to the positive point. Remove the spark plugs. With the key in the on position, make sure that you have 12v going to the pack at the terminal block (purple wire). Now, connect the ground wire from the bulb to any powerhead ground. Connect the wire from the positive point of that bulb to the powerpack wire that is connected to the coil wire on the terminal board (blue wire). Crank the engine and observe that bulb closely (CLOSELY!). If that bulb glows even the slightest bit, the powerpack is okay. It may be a very dim glow... just so it glows! If it doesn't glow, the pack has failed. Keep in mind, that type powerpack (Battery Capacitance Discharge) demands a top notch battery of at least 70 amp hours. Any less will, in time, cause powerpack failure.
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      Re: 1972 evinrude problem - no fire to plugs

      would a digital multimeter work, too?


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        Re: 1972 evinrude problem - no fire to plugs

        I bet the seloc manual has that exact test in the inigition section. I know it does for my 73.


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          Re: 1972 evinrude problem - no fire to plugs

          well , I did a similar test with the multimeter (I think) I basically ground to the ground wire of the ingnition pack and held the positive to where the wire goes to the coil at the top of the engine. When I turned it over it registered as 12 volts. So, even if I am getting fire to that point - if the Ign. pack is bad would it Not get to the points?


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            Re: 1972 evinrude problem - no fire to plugs

            I have the 72 Johnson, with the same system,, and I am paperwork shows that model to have a 6 or 9 amp charging system.. If that system does with low power.. why on earth would it be supplied with no regulator and only a tiny charging system?It sounds like another OMC dud idea... (don't get me wrong, I'm an OMC fan, but they did some really dumb stuff in thier 50 years+)It cost me a alot of money to replace my pack recently and I have no desire to do it again anytime soon.. maybe its time to try fitting a motorcycle alternator/regultor to it.. anyone tried that? I want at least 20 amps charging so I can run all my lights, radio etc etc..rgdsfrank


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              Re: 1972 evinrude problem - no fire to plugs

              I had to replace the pulse pack on my 1972 Johnson100 h.p. The guy who fixed it for me retired from O.M.C. and told me most of the motors that used the pulse packs still had the lobe on th crank shaft even though it wasnt used. He said he would have to pull the flywheel and check, but if mymotor had that lobe, he could change the motor touse points (for about $50.00) and I would I not have to worry about the pack blowing again. Maybe something you want to check into.


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                Re: 1972 evinrude problem - no fire to plugs

                well I tested the POwer pack and I am getting voltage to the connection under the flywheel. What I also found with some more testing is that the Coil is NOT getting fire thru it. if this burnt out... would it have killed the engine in mid stream? (Since it also sending fire to the magneto)