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1973 65 HP Evinrude dies

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  • 1973 65 HP Evinrude dies

    I have a 1973 Evinrude Triumph 65 HP 3 cylinder, w/ selectric shift. The problem I have is that after about 20 to 30 minutes of flat out running the motor just quits. If we remove the cover and let it sit for 15 minutes the motor will re-start and run, but not on all cylinders. If you let it sit for 3 to 4 hours it will start and run for another 20 to 30 mins before it all happens again. I have been told to look at the power pack, but for some reason I don't think that is the real problem. The people I talked to said that this year is one of the early runs at electronic ignition and it is prone to intermittent failure whn it warms up. Could it be the coils breaking down? The bottom coil has a couple of cracks in it, and the top one has a small crack, near where the plug wire comes out of the coil.Also another thing is that when the plugs are pulled they are all gas covered, like the engine is running rich. Could this be caused by low voltage spark causing incomplete burning of the fuel? The engine will run fine on the flush cups, and the spark is strong. The carbs were recently rebuilt about a year ago. The engine runs fine at high speed and even at low rpms, but when you take off from a 2-3 min idle it misses for a few second and then jumps back to life. I like to use the boat to tow skiers and it's really hard for them to get up on the skis whn this happens, not to mention the shut down problem. It's been a mystery and no shop has had a definite answer and it has to be a under load to duplicate the problem, and none of the shops will take the boat out for a trial run to see what's up. I hate spening the cash on parts just to find out I was wrong on the diagnosis, these particular ones are big time money, other wise it wouldn't be a problem on a $10 part, but the power pack is like $200+. Now that I have confused you all, here is the numbers off of the plug on top of the motor.65273SJ09758

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    Re: 1973 65 HP Evinrude dies

    Howdy, JG.Your best bet is to troubleshoot when the engine is misbehaving. Try to find a shop that has a dynamometer to put it under load.If that isn't possible, heat the ignition components one at a time with a hair dryer or heat gun while it idles on the muffs.I think you probably have a powerpak problem, but I agree with you that you should prove it before spending the bux to replace.Good luck.


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      Re: 1973 65 HP Evinrude dies

      JB- I pulled the coils off today, and all of them are cracked. The power pack doesn't look like it's melted down or discolored. I was told that the power pack would either work or not work, and I do get a good strong spark when it's cold, but after warmed up the spark looks more yellow than blue. Do you still suspect the power pack or do you think that the coils are cooked. Will a bad coil(s) fry a power pack?Thanks


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        Re: 1973 65 HP Evinrude dies

        jgmilberg i happen to have the same motor. when my powerpack went out everything shut down. and when you say that it will sometimes run on 2 cylinders ,,,,,be careful,,,,,i believe that led to me slinging a rod out the side of mime. i really loved that motor.


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          Re: 1973 65 HP Evinrude dies

          JGWhatever is failing isn't failing until the engine is hot. That is a common powerpak trouble. Try the hair dryer.Good luck.


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            Re: 1973 65 HP Evinrude dies

            I took the coils and power pack in to an Evinrude dealer to see what was going on, they said it was not a goos idea to run the cracked shell coils, and they can not test the power pack w/o it being on the boat. They wouldn't even look at the coils to think about tesing them, just said they would run a motor, but they need replacing, and that no way could it be a power pack issue. They say either the thing works or it don't. I think they wanted to get me to buy the coils from them @ $50 a pop and then come back later to get a power pack. In either even I don't trust them and i have heard enough from you guys and a friend that has a friend that runs a marina say to look at the power pack, and the coild are on the way out, just a matter of time. Now comes the hard part, swollowing a $150 lump for the pack , and $75 for a set of coils. Afer I get the money pit back together and in the water for a test stranding i will let you all know how it goes.Thanks,John


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              Re: 1973 65 HP Evinrude dies

              Run it on the water near the ramp till it quits then see if ya still got spark on which cylinders...then go from there.


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                Re: 1973 65 HP Evinrude dies

                Checkout Jones Marine http://www.abcjb.com/ I got my powerpack for around fifty. Mine was for a 73 rude 65 hp 65373.Hugh