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Johnson 50hp motor problems

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  • Johnson 50hp motor problems

    I have a 95, 50hp Johnson. Problem:will run well for a short period of time, then shuts off. Let cool off, it repeats. Back to dealer to check out. Replaced thermostat (one of the times), back to dealer several times. Problem still exists. Bought new, constant problem, winterized properly, have owned Johnson/Evinrude motors for 50 years and this one is the only one I've had so many problems with!! Dealer rebuilt carburator in search of correction. Same problem. Does anyone have any suggestions on possible solution? We have had the rig in the shop more than on the lake. Thanks, WCP

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    Re: Johnson 50hp motor problems

    When it shuts off, does it loose spark? How long does it take to "cools off" before it will it re-start. Does it crank over when this happens??. Why did the dealer rebuild carb - was it full of oil or dirty or "shot in the dark"??? Is the engine actually over-heating????-John


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      Re: Johnson 50hp motor problems

      John from Illinois -Yes, it looses spark with it shuts off. Takes about 15-20 minutes to cool off before restart. Yes, it cranks over. Re rebuilding carb - yes! "shot in the dark!" Yes, engine overheats. Thanks! WCP


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        Re: Johnson 50hp motor problems

        Testing should proceed as follows: Test all ignition components while engine is stone cold, record results for comparison. This includes all voltage outputs, short-to-ground and resistance tests. Run engine in test tank until it quits. Immediately test all ignition components a second time and compare results to the previous cold test. This should correctly point you (or the dealer) to the faulty component.Once the ignition problem is corrected, the overheat problem needs to be addressed.-John


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          Re: Johnson 50hp motor problems

          John from Illinois - Thanks for the suggestions. We'll give these a try. Appreciate the quick response. WCP