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alarm buzzer

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  • alarm buzzer

    i have a johnson protracker 90hp motor i think a 1991 engine starts and runs fine but last time out after about 4 or 5 min of running a buzzer sound started coming on from where the throtle control is can anyone tell me why this is happening (it is full of oil)

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    Re: alarm buzzer

    Ray.... On that engine, the warning system is as follows.Constant steady beep = Overheating.Beep every 20 seconds = Oil level at 1/4 tank.Beep ever other second = VRO failure, No Oil, Air in oil line, Oil restriction.
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      Re: alarm buzzer

      thanks joe for your info but i have another question i was told by a sales person that my johnson tracker pro series 90hp motor was a 2 stroke and i needed to use 2 stroke oil i think it is a 1991 boat i had never pulled the top off the motor untill today to check the oil line i noticed then it has 4 spark plugs 2 on each side is this a 4 stroke motor i have no clue i have never owned a boat before the person i bought the boat from was using 4 stoke oil because the empty bottle was in the boat when i went to buy more to fill up the tank thats when the salesman told me not to use that type of oil to use 2 cycle outboard engine oil i had a half tank of oil and added the 2 cycle oil to fill the tank took the boat out with no problems as the oil ran down i continued to use the 2 cycle oil untill the tank was full again thats when this past week the buzzer started going off could this be my problem if so can i drain all oil out of tank go back with 4 cycle oil and be ok or should i have it checked out before doing anything thanks for any advice you have ray


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        Re: alarm buzzer

        Raymond,IT IS A 2-STROKE engine. Use ONLY, TCW-3 rated 2-stroke oil. I would suggest you get all of that old oil out of that tank. You have to determine the sequence of the beeps your getting to determine the cause, as Joe Reeves points out.Don't spend alot of time doing this, those warnings are trying to tell you that you are close to impending mechanical disaster.If you're uncomfortable doing this, take it to reputable dealer and have them do the following.1. Clean oil tank, replace filter and refill, prime oil injection system.2. Change water pump impeller or install water pump kit.3. Check lower unit seal integrity, (pressure and vacuum test) and refill lower unit.4. Check engine timing.This will cost you several hundred dollars but will save you thousands.


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          Re: alarm buzzer

          I have a 1995 150 hp Suzuki outboard, with a overheat buzzer problem. When I start it up, let it run for awhile to warm up, then throttle up. the buzzer goes off. My local dealer said to check the heat of the motor with the cover off, and I did this, and it wasn't overly hot. He then told me to just shut the motor off, and then start it again and go on my merry way. This works, but if I don't let the motor warm totally up -- many minutes and often many many minutes-- the buzzer goes off again. How long does this motor have to warm up to avoid having the buzzer go off? I am using it in warm water (South Padre Island, Texas coast) in warm weather of 80 degrees or so, so warming it up isn't a long problem, altho if I don't let it idle for quite a long time, the buzzer goes off.... and yet the motor's water cooler is running fine, and I replaced the impeller to make sure it is getting the maximum cooling water.... thanks for your help on this.. Jonathan


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            Re: alarm buzzer

            The number of cylinders (spark plugs) the engines has, has no relationship of whetherthe engine is a 2 stroke or 4 stroke. Most 2 stroke engines require oil and fuel to bemixed together at a usual 50:1 ratio, or they have a two stroke oil tank that automaticallymixes the oil with the fuel. A 4 stroke engine, is just like your car, it has a cam, intake and exhaust valves, and a oil sump system with filter. The gas and oil arenot mixed in a 4 stroke motor, it is internally lubricated. The two stroke enginesrequires a special blend of two stroke oil for mixture lubrication and regular oil forcars will not do the job and will damage your 2 stroke motor.


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              Re: alarm buzzer


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                Re: alarm buzzer

                jjskier,Your Suzy isNOT performing normally. If you have plenty of water flow, you may have an oil injection problem.You should be able to hold your hand on the top cylinder, without burning yourself, on a fully warm engine.By the way, you'll get more responses to your question if you post a seperate topic in the "Engine and Motors" section.Good luck!