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1994 evinrude 50 hp oil injected

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  • 1994 evinrude 50 hp oil injected

    I have a 94 Evinrude 50 hp oil injected motor on my 20ft pontoon boat that misses at low to medium speeds and it has a rough idle.I have had it tuned & the carbs cleaned it helped a little but the problem still exists. I called Evinrude they said it might be a thermostat running to cool. does anyone out there have any suggestions, please e-mail me. thanks

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    Re: 1994 evinrude 50 hp oil injected

    Check the VRO pump pulse hose, on some of these engines the starter rubs a hole in the hose. If the carb was realy gummed up, you may have to push a small copper wire throughthe idle tube and passages ways to clear the gunk out. Check coil, and plug wires.Check roller in linkage that advances the timing, nearly everyone I look is missing the clear plastic outer cover, the roller should fit the slot with just enough clearence to roll.
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      Re: 1994 evinrude 50 hp oil injected

      You said the motor runs rough at low speed. Is this also what you describe as a miss or does it just idle poor and rough? You could be dealing with two different problems. If I was looking at it, the first thing I would do is make sure the compression is still good in both cylinders.If compression is good I would make sure that all the syncronization and linkage adjustments are properly set. You will need a good reputable service shop to make sure this is done properly. Can't tell you how many times I've solved running problems with nothing more than a good linkage set up and carb adjustment.A cold running motor will definitly cause a poor idle condition. Usually the thermostat can be cleaned of debris and not have to be replaced. As far as a miss at medium speeds, hard to say without seeing it. I have seen a few 40 and 50s with a chaffed wire behind the bracket the ignition module bolts to. Under certain throttle settings the wire shorts to groung creating a miss.