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OMC System Check

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  • OMC System Check

    I have installed the lastest level VRO on my 1990 Johnson and it comes with an Extra wire for Sysetm Check... So Why not install System Check I think... Rubic Cube was easier.. after installing the System Check Tach and figuring out all the Connections (no new harness or Connector for Tach) I have everything done except I can't get the horn to go off for the 1/2 second when Key on..Does anyone know if they came up with a new style alarm horn when system check came out... When I turn the key on My Metal alarm horn give a click that you can feel but not hear.. almost like there is resistance on the wire to ground. The way I think it works is the System Check module Grounds the horn for a 1/2 second to make it beep but mine doesn't beep just a low level click.. Again almost like not enough time for the old style horn to respond. Anyone have any thoughts. or ideas.

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    Re: OMC System Check

    Topwater,I just purchased the same tach that you have and I can't find any wiring information could you help me out? I have a 1977 Evinrude 85. Did you find a plug for the tach? If not how did you connect your wires? And which pins on the tach should connect to what? I could really use your help! Please email me if you would at penniaar@mr1.k12.mo.us Thanks


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      Re: OMC System Check

      Horn and sensor in oil tank not the same. System check does not check anything except the horn and the red lights in the tach, does not check sensors or circuits.
      Help somebody every day, if you can.


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        Re: OMC System Check

        Claton, you are incorrect... System Check is just what it says it is a System Check...System Check has a self test feature.. When the key is turned on the horn will sound a 1/2 second beep and lights will turn on, and then off in sequence. There are 4 four Lights No Oil: the engine is not receiving lubrication oil.... Water Temp: The engine is overheating.... Check Engine: The fuel supply is being restricted... and Low Oil: the oil level in the oil tank is about 1/4 full... When a situation occors taht could damage the engine,and electrical signal sounds the horn for 10 seconds, and lights the appropriate LED on the tach. The horn will stop after 10 seconds but the proper Light (LED) will stay on until the problem is corrected or the key is switch is turned off... Procraft I will E-mail you the info on what pins in the back of the tach do what.... Topwater


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          Re: OMC System Check

          You are correct it will do what you say, but the self test will not test the sensors and circuits to the sensors, each time the key in turned on.
          Help somebody every day, if you can.