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1969 55hp Evinrude, No spark.

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  • 1969 55hp Evinrude, No spark.

    I bought a boat with this motor on it a year ago, for next to nothing. I tried to fire it up with no avail. I checked for spark, and nothing. All the plugs were dead. I changed the coil, still the same thing. I don't know anything about boats really, "cept they float" and would appreciate any ideas would be great! I was told it was the power pack, (like the brain box or something) By the boat place near here! Quoted me $300.00 dollars for the replacement part. Hell I paid less than that for the boat! I just plan on selling the thing as I have a good running boat already. But I would still like to get it running before I sell it.

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    Re: 1969 55hp Evinrude, No spark.

    hello barnIs it a 3 cyl with el-gear-shift ?.Try to check all wire's for bad conections.It is very important with ground cables.Mikael


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      Re: 1969 55hp Evinrude, No spark.

      The motor has 2 set of points , an automotive coil ,condenser will get it running . A ballast resistor will also need to be insalled or a coil with a resistor in it . not the best fix but it will run.


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        Re: 1969 55hp Evinrude, No spark.

        Thanks for the tips! I have checked all the ground wires and such. The coil I put on was brand new and the one made for the motor. You mentioned putting a coil on with a resistor. are you talking about another type of coil? I'm at a loss here, I havent the fogiest idea what is what on these, other than the coil, and what the power pack part was. I have a power pack off another boat a fella told me should make it fire up, not the right one, but he said it should still at least start. Guess I will try wiring it up and see what happens.


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          Re: 1969 55hp Evinrude, No spark.

          Well guys, I got it running. never did see any spark, but the darn thing fired up. Only after it stared did I start Feeling Not seeing, hahaha, the spark! Seems to run okay, but it kinda seems like it is backfiring, or has a little miss. Havent checked the plugs as of yet, but I noticed one shocked me anywhere I touched it. The other two did not. Any idea what I could charge for this motor, If I get it running better. This thing is really clean inside, It is a 69 Evinrude, paint is a little faided. is a 3 cyl. has controls and all, and starts just grand, Other than the missing! Thanks again for the ideas! Barn


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            Re: 1969 55hp Evinrude, No spark.

            Hello Barn, The ignition system on this motor is a low voltage system. They are very tempramental. It is RARE for the points to be bad. The setting on the points is important. They may need to be cleaned. I have found using a piece of thin cardboard (matchbook cover) soaked with alcohol cleans them nicely. DO NOT use sandpaper. The cap and rotor can cause misfiring. They must be clean. Use a rag with a light oil like wd40 and wipe it clean. Then wipe with alcohol. The cap and rotor are a bit expensive, as with most of the parts for this system. There is an anti reverse spring on the top of the crankshaft. This spring must be in good shape and be in place. If it is not there or working properly, the motor can actually run in reverse rotation and will seem like it is misfiring. Hope this helps, Iceman


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              Re: 1969 55hp Evinrude, No spark.

              Thanks alot, I will try that!Barn!