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Johnson, Idle Problems

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  • Johnson, Idle Problems

    I have a Johnson 60 HP TLET. VRO is removed, I'm mixing 50:1 in the tank. Starts and runs good. After idling or running at slow trolling speeds for awhile it will shut down. Won't troll with th trolling plate down. Stalls on acceleration from idle or slow speed. Primer bulb does not stay firm, goes soft. Will only start with difficulty when this happens. Accelerating quickly will keep it running. Any suggestions as to what my problem is. Service manual says check filters and anti-siphon valve.Help!------------------pfish

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    Re: Johnson, Idle Problems

    Hi, Pfish1961, THe primer bulb will go somwhat soft after you run the motor for a few seconds, this is normal. There are numerous areas that could give you this problem. I would check the fuel lines to see if they are loose and possibly allowing them to suck air in. Is the VRO pump still being used, if it is, is the oil inlet plugged off. The VRO pump could be leaking internally. A carburetor may have a problem in the idle circuit of the carb or could be flooding a cylinder. Hope this helps.


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      Re: Johnson, Idle Problems

      Thanks ICE.The VRO is completely removed, the inlet is plugged. I have been considering vacuum leaks as well, they are a little further down the list than the obvious fuel delivery issues I mentioned. The powerhead has recently been rebuilt, the VRO was working just enough to deliver some oil, the level in the oil tank was dropping enough to keep the alarm from blowing but not enough to keep it from blowing up...I will consult the vacuum section of the service manual more closly.------------------pfish


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        Re: Johnson, Idle Problems

        If the VRO has been removed then someone installed a regular fuel pump. From what it sounds like to me you have a pin hole in the fuel diaphram in the fuel pump. You can get a rebuilt kit for about 15 bucks from an OMC dealer. The fuel pump probably works well enough at higher rpm but at idle it's gradually letting the fuel level drop in the carbs and she stalls. The prime ball should go soft, but if you need sqeeze it more that twice after she stalls to get it hard then this would be a good sign the carbs are running dry.


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          Re: Johnson, Idle Problems

          Dunk,You got me thinking. I went back to the manual, and eyeballed the VRO part. Hey, it's cold up here, but I put the heavy stuff on and went outside and pulled the cover off this thing. The VRO is still there!!!, hey I'm new at this. So, my VRO is still acting as the fuel pump, I get it now. I pumped up the primer bulb and started looking closer. The fuel mixture outlet on the VRO connects to a 3/8" fuel hose, which in turn connects to this plastic 3-way distribution pipe, which in turn connects to the three carbs. Carb #2 inlet looks like it is seeping a little, the outside of it is wet.This certainly could mean that carb 2 is intermittently starved for fuel. Is this enough to cause my problem?