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Johnson 150 (V6) has oily plugs

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  • Johnson 150 (V6) has oily plugs

    Hello;I have a 1995 Johnson 150 V6. At startup, the engine smokes alot until warmed up. After a day of running, at least one spark plug is fouled (rpm drops from 5500 to 4800).When I check the plugs, all of them are wet with oil.I took the boat to the local Johnson dealer. They changed plugs and said everything is fine. They also said to be glad it smokes a lot at startup.I have done a compression check, and all cylinders measure between 100 and 110 psi of compression.Can anybody help with why this engine may be over-oiling the fuel.p.s. there are no adjustments (oil, carbs, anything) to make on this engine.Thank you very much.

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    Re: Johnson 150 (V6) has oily plugs

    They had some carb problems that year that cause a rich mixture problem. This would sometimes cause a flooding problem and would foul a plug. Does the engine seem to be using a lot of oil?


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      Re: Johnson 150 (V6) has oily plugs

      Hello Fitch;Thanks for your reply on my oily plug problem. The engine does seem to use more oil than I would expect. I would estimate it uses about a gallon of oil for every 40 gallons of gasoline. Also, the two exhaust ports (at the bottom of the powerhead, staddling the flushing port inlet) are the darkest (oily deposits) I've seen on any outboard.Does this still sound like faulty carbs?I sincerely appreciate your help.Ralph


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        Re: Johnson 150 (V6) has oily plugs

        Another possibility is you have an air leak in the fuel system before the VRO pump, this could cause the Fuel side of the VRO pump to pump faster, this would increase oil consumption.


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          Re: Johnson 150 (V6) has oily plugs


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            Re: Johnson 150 (V6) has oily plugs



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              Re: Johnson 150 (V6) has oily plugs

              Hello;Before purchasing a $225.00 VRO pump, either you or your dealer, should hook a fuel vac***e gauge to this engine. An air leak in the system could cause the problem you describe, but excessive vac***e could as well. If either is present, it will show by hooking up a gauge.The ratio you describe is aprox 32/1 a little rich I'd say!Your problem may well be your pump but make sure before you fork out $225 bucks.Good Luck, Rob


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                Re: Johnson 150 (V6) has oily plugs

                If you are after a new VRO pump, check out E-bay. In the last 2 weeks they have had 4 from used to new in box. All have sold for under $50 (even the new ones) Could be a cheep way to see if that is the problem.Dave