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Old evinrude 7.5 fleetwin

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  • Old evinrude 7.5 fleetwin

    Hi, i have a old evinrude 7.5 hp 2 clylinder engien. i am not at my house now but ill get the serial # when i get home, my question is, where are the water intake for the water cooling system? thanks

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    Re: Old evinrude 7.5 fleetwin

    i forgot, i dont have a manual, where can i get one? and can i run it on a leaner oil, i am currently running it on a 16 to 1 ratio, i was thinking maby jump to 32 or 40? thanks


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      Re: Old evinrude 7.5 fleetwin

      Hi Nitro BoyFor manuals click on the link above called "Manuals" (always support our sponsors).Another place to look is http://www.evinrude.com and click on "Docktalk". In there you will find how to source manuals and you can also look up the year of your motor once you have the model number.


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        Re: Old evinrude 7.5 fleetwin

        all models are equipped with a rubber impeller which is mounted on and driven by the drive shaft in the lower unit, water enters the lower unit gearcase through an opening in the rear of the antiventilation plate


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          Re: Old evinrude 7.5 fleetwin


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            Re: Old evinrude 7.5 fleetwin

            Allrighty, i got the serial number, it is,7518-39034 edit: i got the date, its a 1955 ( wow, thats old) and i cant find any manuals...., where is the antiventalation plate located? what dose it look like? how much would it be worth?


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              Re: Old evinrude 7.5 fleetwin

              Hi Nitro Boy7518 must be the model number, which makes the year 1955. The rest is the serial number.


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                Re: Old evinrude 7.5 fleetwin

                Hi NitroBoy, Your 1955 Fleetwin is a good little motor. The water intake is through a screen in the rear of the lower unit, on the leading face of the exhaust outlet. Most of the water exits through the exhaust, but some will come out the exhaust relief hole, about midway up the rear of the leg of the motor. You should have a good solid spray, like a faucet without an aerator. Make sure you run that motor at 25:1 on the fuel/oil mix. I just rebuilt a similar motor with a new block due to the old block having been "ventilated" by flying connecting rod chunks - caused by running it at 50:1. As for worth, I recently picked up a complete one in need of a tune-up for $75.00. Evinrude built a lot of them - the serial number portion of yours being over 39,000. Let me know if you need any parts for it, as I have some leftover odds and ends from my recent project...- Scott
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                  Re: Old evinrude 7.5 fleetwin

                  do you have any of the original spark plugs? mine all have the bar bent out of shape..., also you know the intake pipes on either side of the engien? are there air filters in there? when i test ran it in a garbage pail, i ran it for like 30 minuets, then i hosed the thing off, and ran it in a bucked wiht clean water for like 5 seconds to wash out the water intake. am i better off running it and tunig it in my garbage pail, or running it wiht a hose attachment? thanks again


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                    Re: Old evinrude 7.5 fleetwin

                    Hi NitroBoyThe spark plugs you can get at any good auto parts store. Champion J4C is the new # this replaces the J4J. Those intake pipes are Air silencers, they are basicly mufflers. They are to make the motor more quite. They filter nothing, and unless you can see a blockage they do not require service. Making final adjustments is always done in a tank,etc. The water creates back presure you will need for proper adjustment.