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Johnson 40HP Tilt/Trim

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  • Johnson 40HP Tilt/Trim

    I have a 2000 Johnson 40HP. I replaced the tilt/trim motor with a new motor, added fluid and now, motor runs but the engine will not go up or down. I opened the manual screw and moved the engine up and down manualy to make sure there is no air in the system and still engine movement. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Re: Johnson 40HP Tilt/Trim

    the driveshaft probably slipped of before the motor was seated. use a bit of grease to hold driveshaft into gearcase. rotate the end of motor shaft just enough to line up. it should sit about 1/4" up. use screws to pull down motor while making sure it stays square. before fully seating bump the trim switch and feel confident that driveshaft is engaged. tighten on down and make absolutely sure not to skip the bonding strap.

    if driveshaft is seated and manual release is tightened then there are no likely suspects and it could be a difficult repair.


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      Re: Johnson 40HP Tilt/Trim

      RR, when you say driveshaft, are you referring to the coupling ??


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        Re: Johnson 40HP Tilt/Trim

        Originally posted by boobie View Post
        RR, when you say driveshaft, are you referring to the coupling ??
        Hmm.... it is a male hex rod about 1" long and machined to a male slotted fit on one end. Couplings would usually have a female fitting.

        It goes between the motor armature and the pump drive gear. If you put the slotted end first then the couplingshaft has a habit of falling over before the motor is fully seated.


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          Re: Johnson 40HP Tilt/Trim

          Thank you....Never had one of those apart and probably glad of it. By the way, I'm in Burito Springs.


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            Re: Johnson 40HP Tilt/Trim

            Burito Springs? We, are too far away from the highway to be on the farm worker migration route. Around here it's just snow birds who drive their boats like they own the ocean. I don't think they're drunk. I think they are just really bad at sharing. We have a stretch of water called "miserable mile" right near sanibel causeway. Islands on the left, oysters on the right. No matter what comes in the other direction you have to stay in the narrow channel.

            at any rate, you're not missing anything with the J/E single ram. It's a bad design. the top seal is wrong part and is lucky to last 10 years. They used a radial shaft oil seal like the kind used to seal engine crankshafts. Those seals are made from rubber and won't last if exposed to sun, ozone, water like that. It should have been a urethane rod wiper. Then the poppets are made from delrin plastic. They should have been made from steel with a needle and seat design like every other trim system since 1960. Poppets are generally non-replaceable parts and plastic is going to end up creating DOA, non-repairable trims unless you are willing to machine a brass replacement or something. the piston seals are quad lobe with backup rings. jeez, it's a 50hp engine. regular orings would cost 1/4th as much and last 30 years. what's the point in a system with 10 year top seals and 15year poppets? and the manual release .... on and on .... they nearly doubled the cost of building the trim while cutting it's lifespan by 30% or more. it's probably the most poorly designed trim I have ever encountered. So you're not missing anything.


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              Re: Johnson 40HP Tilt/Trim

              I agree with you on snow bird behavior. They're the same way on the road, bars and resturants !! Come On Summer !!