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Calling All Vintage Evinrude Experts!

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  • Calling All Vintage Evinrude Experts!

    Hi Guys -- Im new to this forum, and new to the world of antique outboards in general. I hope we have some posters on here who are both knowledgable and PATIENT! I'm going to be asking lots of questions during the months ahead, and I'm a little slow at times!

    I just acquired a 1953 Evinrude Fleetwin in a trade, and I want to restore it this winter. (Sidebar: The trade also netted me a Smith and Wesson model 29-2, same as the original Dirty Harry gun!!) Anyway, the motor runs, and seems like a very restorable unit. I used to race two stroke motorcycles, so I have a good understanding of 2 stroke engines. I just don't know much about outboards.

    I'm really just a fisherman who needs transportation to the fish. My efforts to meet that need lead to an Alumacraft 12 foot jon boat, and an antique Fleetwin. When I was looking for a motor I saw so many pictures of beautifully restored vintage motors that I decided to give restoration a shot myself.

    I visited a site that has ignition and fuel systems parts, and a variety of other items. I've seen paint and decals, et. I haven't found anyone who sells internal engine parts. This motor looks like it has a ton of wear and tear on it, so I'd like to freshen up the bore, and use new rings if not a complete rebuild. Are there any companies on line that sell pistons, rings, et?

    I'd like to make a little more horsepower. That's relatively easy with a 2 stroke, if you use the right combination of modifications and parts. Will any of the carburetors off a larger motor bolt right on to the Fleetwin?

    Can anyone here tell me about intake and exhaust port dimensions? What are the stock specs? What are the optimal performance specs?

    That's all I can think of right now. Thanks in advance for all your help.


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    Re: Calling All Vintage Evinrude Experts!


    You can probably get all the parts you need from sea-way.com in seattle, wa. As far as increasing the HPs, I wouldn't try to modify, but rather trade your motor for one with more HPs. This way you are guaranteed the HPs you're wanting! Try the antique motor club. They have a free classifieds site that you can offer a trade???

    Their address is: amoci.org

    Good luck,

    "New" '57 Lark Chapter One...the Find:

    "New" '57 Lark Chapter Two...the Initial Breakdown:

    "New" '57 Lark Chapter Three...the Gearcase:

    "New" '57 Lark Chapter Four...the NOS Powerhead:

    "New" '57 Lark Chapter Five...Repainting:


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      Re: Calling All Vintage Evinrude Experts!

      You can also get a lot of your parts here at iboats. Also, read the top secret file at the top of the forum. Alot of what you will ask has been answered up there. And welcome to the forum. And yes, if you want more hp, get a bigger engine. WAY easier.


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        Re: Calling All Vintage Evinrude Experts!

        As for parts, get yourself a parts book for your particular model. You can download a free copy at http://www.knology.net/~tombeam/originalliterature.html You would be surprised at how many parts are still available from Evinrude dealers. But they won't give you the time of day if you don't have the part number. After all, they probably don't have the book either.

        Also, armed with the part number there are several on-line sites that you can just plug in the number and instantly find out if they have it in stock.

        Unfortunately, some part numbers are almost lost in antiqueity. For instance, the pistons rings are part number 202524. That number will return a "part number not found" response. But 202524 is replaced by 378411 ring set. ***************** has more than 10 sets in stock.

        iboats has ignition parts for it.

        As for souping it up, perhaps you might get an extra horse out of it if you are lucky, but you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. It takes a considerable number of horses to make a noticeable difference in a boat. Of course if you are talking about racing, that is another story. But a '53 Fleetwin isn't exactly noted for being a race engine.

        EDIT: Have you discovered that the tiller handle grip is a screwdriver? Those things are a rare and endangered species. Don't let it get away.


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          Re: Calling All Vintage Evinrude Experts!

          I know from personal experience that it is relatively easy to nearly double the horsepower of most small 2 stroke engines. I ask for some specifications on the intake and exhaust ports, and ask about a larger carb. If you guys did not know the answers, there was no need to comment. Insulting my intelligence didn't exactly impress me.

          If I wanted a bigger motor, I would have bought one. Weight is extremely important for my application, so I chose a motor that weighs just 46 pounds.

          I guess there aren't any posters on here who know much of anything about vintage Evinrudes, or 2 strokes in general. I'll look elsewhere.


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            Re: Calling All Vintage Evinrude Experts!

            You are about to learn that outboards are not motorcycles! Good luck.

            I don't respond to Private Messages PM's that are motor questions.

            For basic information on a wide range of topics, see Top Secret File
            Link: http://forums.iboats.com/showthread.php?t=299680

            OEM shop manual: outboardbooks.com or Ebay


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              Re: Calling All Vintage Evinrude Experts!

              "I'll look elsewhere"
              Don't let the door hit you on the @$$ on your way out.