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1973 Evinrude 65 HP - Water Pump Flow

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  • 1973 Evinrude 65 HP - Water Pump Flow

    Model #65373R

    This is my dad's boat, but I've been tinkering with it to get it back to life. Haven't had to do much, so far. The boat and motor are almost like new. They've been sitting in a barn most of their lives, having only seen water a few dozen times. The motor was last run 7 years ago, before I started messing with it. Before turning the key, I replaced the impeller. Then after some troubleshooting replaced the rectifier, starter solenoid, and thermostat. I kitted all 3 carbs as well. I also had to replace a broken stern bracket (trailer tilt on these motors is the dumbest design I've ever seen).

    The point of my post is that after replacing the water pump, I can't seem to get water to pump out the exhaust relief holes. When I run the motor on the muffs, I see the water being pumped out of the rubber grommet that the shift rod passes thru. I have dropped the LU 3 times to verify that the water tube is inserted correctly into the water pump housing. At first I suspected a bad driveshaft seal, or grommet on the pump housing. I tried to remedy this by buying an OEM water pump repair kit w/housing. It came with all new seals. I put it all back together, and still the same thing. I thought maybe running on the muffs wasn't a good test, so I took it to the lake. The motor occasionally spits water when running it on the lake, and it never feels too hot to the touch. I can hold my hand on it for about 5 seconds before it starts to burn. I've watched Youtube videos of this motor running in test tanks, and they all spit water continuously. I backed the boat in the water on the trailer just deep enough to cover the section of the motor housing the water pump, and I could see the water spewing out the shift rod grommet still. I don't know what else to try. This last time I reinstalled the LU, I had the motor tilted all the way up so I could see the water tube going into the pump housing, so I'm pretty sure that there is a good connection there. Does anyone else have any experience with this motor that could point out something that I'm missing? I would take any advice at this point.

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    Re: 1973 Evinrude 65 HP - Water Pump Flow

    Bump for the morning folks.


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      Re: 1973 Evinrude 65 HP - Water Pump Flow

      I think on that engine the exhaust housing has to be far enough to fill the exhaust housing full of water. Back it down further in the water, about 1/2 way up the exhaust housing and see if it spits more water out of the exhaust ports. It sounds like the engine is not over heating if you can hold your hand on the engine for that long. Ever thing of installing a tell-tale on your engine to monitor the water pump preformance, do a search, several posts on doing it.


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        Re: 1973 Evinrude 65 HP - Water Pump Flow

        I've looked at the tell tale stuff. Maybe I'll build up the courage to do that some day, but this is bugging me for now. I see these engines running on youtube, and they are all spitting water, running on muffs or in a barrel. It just seems like the water tube is not fully mating with the pump housing. It is blowing water up thru the shift rod grommet. So to me that says that the water is just spewing around inside the exhaust housing, and not being directed up thru the water tube. This last time I reinstalled the LU, I had the motor tilted all the way up so I could see the water tube go into the tube guide, so that's what's baffling me. If it's going in there, how is it blowing water up thru the grommet? I'll try to take a video of it tomorrow, so you can see what I'm talking about.


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          Re: 1973 Evinrude 65 HP - Water Pump Flow

          I'm sorry I don't have an answer to your post. I just joined the forum and it was the only way I could try to get some answers. Trying to take the kids out for some fun. Plus, I am truly not that handy when it comes to outboards

          I have a 1973 25hp Evinrude. Gas is flowing good, change the two coils and plugs are good. I keep pulling the cord and I can't get anything. Any suggestions would be great.

          Also, the electric start works, however the wiring I have is so rotted I can't use it. When I put 2 leads to it in kicked but was sparking. Thought it wasn't too safe to keep trying that.

          If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Picked up the boat, motor, trailer on the cheaper side for the kids and just looking to have some fun on it.




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            Re: 1973 Evinrude 65 HP - Water Pump Flow

            One way to get answers to your question is to start a new thread, and not hijack another one. Now your question is hidden in this thread under a title that has nothing to do with your issue. If you had posted in the Evinrude/Johnson Engine forum, then someone with your motor, or someone who has had a similar problem might stumble across it and help you solve your issue. That's how forums work!


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              Re: 1973 Evinrude 65 HP - Water Pump Flow

              I have the same motor and have ran it for 2 months without over heating. I have no water whatsoever coming out of the top two exhaust ports . I was told and read that water only comes out of those ports when the motor is hot and while running wot you would not be able to see it anyways. I've seen a few videos on YouTube and saw water coming out of the ports but who knows how long the motors were running.


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                Re: 1973 Evinrude 65 HP - Water Pump Flow

                Well, I've been running this boat for the last couple of weekends pulling my kids around on tubes and kneeboards, and it's just been bugging the crap outta me not seeing water come out of those relief ports. The part that really has me baffled is that when I run on the muffs, or run it where the boat is on the trailer and backed into the water enough to cover the water pump, it spews water out of the shift rod grommet. That's what has me thinking that water is never getting up to the engine. I guess while I'm running it, it gets enough water up there occasionally to keep it from overheating. I'm going to drop the LU one more time this week to verify again that the water tube is inserted into the pump housing correctly. While I have the LU off, I'm going to hook up a hose to the water tube and circulate water that way while the engine is running to see if it comes out of the relief ports.


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                  Re: 1973 Evinrude 65 HP - Water Pump Flow

                  Here's a video of the water coming out of the shift rod grommet.


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                    Re: 1973 Evinrude 65 HP - Water Pump Flow

                    ok i have the same motor one i ne ver get water out of the 2 holes in the back check to see if water is coming out the threw hub exhaust 2 i have a weep hole on the front of my lowert unit that will weep water after the motor gets good and hot and thermostat engages but the shift link leaking i would say bad seal losing water somewere if im wrong i hope i get corected


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                      Re: 1973 Evinrude 65 HP - Water Pump Flow

                      x3 never get much from the ports. Get water from the grommet. Never a problem. Darn thing runs better than my '96 88. Don't use the trailer tilt lock use a transom saver.


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                        Re: 1973 Evinrude 65 HP - Water Pump Flow

                        Looks just like mine. Theres 2 vids on youtube that shows this motor running and water pouring out of the ports. Thats what had me curious just like yourself. But mine has never over heated.