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1974 50hp lower unit removal.

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  • 1974 50hp lower unit removal.

    Having trouble getting the lower unit off a 50473M motor. I an sure it is the shift rod but I cant seem to be able to figure out how to get it disconnected. And how in the world would a waterpump melt. I just got the boat that was in perfect shape, ya right. Put it in the water and smoke came from the engine cover. Not good.

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    Re: 1974 50hp lower unit removal.

    You need to remove #74 in the site below. It sounds like the engine was severly overheated if the water pump houising is melted. If that is the case you might want to check the exhaust and head gaskets.


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      Re: 1974 50hp lower unit removal.

      I was just looking at the Evinrude site at the drawing. I was wondering if that was what I needed to remove, Thanks. It looks like the head gasket was changed once. I pretty sure they had this problem with it and just didn't tell me about it. I was wondering if it had a problem when I ran it at the house with the water clamp thing. It just didn't seem to have any circulation. So I took it to the lake yesturday and it only made it about 2 minutes before it got hot. Hopeful it isn't toast.


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        Re: 1974 50hp lower unit removal.

        Running on a hose will mask a bad water pump. Replace the pump and if you have questions about the health of the engine, run a compression test and see what you have.


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          Re: 1974 50hp lower unit removal.

          Well I got the lower unit off. No thanks to the Seloc manual. What a waste of money. Removing the #74 bolt was more info than the manual gave. Thanks. When I took it out the pump was totally fried. It got so hot that I had to cut the impeller off with a sawzall. I took some emery paper to the shaft to clean it up and put the new plate and impeller on. Now just waiting for the housing to arrive and then take another 120 mile trip to the lake and try it out again. I'm going to check the compression first though.


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            Re: 1974 50hp lower unit removal.

            One more thing, I cant seem to locate the thermostat housing. The manual I got really sucks. Looks like it is located under the Head.


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              Re: 1974 50hp lower unit removal.

              It's under the cylinder head cover. There's ~14 bolts. While you have it off, you should check the function of the thermal switch.

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