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Do carb floats go bad ?

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  • Do carb floats go bad ?

    I have a 1998 200 johnson.It won't idle.I've cleaned the carbs and adjusted the float levels , the needle valves look like new but it still has gas coming into the carbs so much I think thats why it won't idle.I've had the carbs off 3 times and can't find anything wrong,and was thinking the floats are sinking and not working .When I squeeze the fuel bulb it just stays soft and dumps gas into the carbs.

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    Re: Do carb floats go bad ?

    floats can good bad, brass can leak at the solder seams, others can absorb gas over time. pull them out and check. if brass you will feel gas slosh in them, all others should float on top of gas, should drop at all
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      Re: Do carb floats go bad ?

      I seriously doubt that motor has brass floats. Doesn't it have the black Nitrophyl floats? Your float valve is probably bad. Or some genius has plugged up the bowl vent.


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        Re: Do carb floats go bad ?

        It has the Nitrophyl black floats.The valves "look" good to me but maybe I'm missing something.Is the bowl vent the hole in the back between the carb body and the throttle plate ? I put a piece of tubing on the inlet and blew thru it and I can feel air out the back,but maybe I missed one while blowing all of them out.


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          Re: Do carb floats go bad ?

          You can shake the floats and tell if they're leaking. I've never had one leak--pretty rare. Most of the carb drip, drip, drip problems are coming from dirty/gummed up needle valve orifices.

          Modern fuel does break down quickly--especially when mixed with oil.


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            Re: Do carb floats go bad ?

            Is it possible that the lever on the primer valve is in the prime position? This could give the same effect.....
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              Re: Do carb floats go bad ?

              Thanks to all of you guys for the help!. It was as petryshyn said,the primer valve was 1/2 open.I'd thought of it but I never had touched it before and it wasn't marked how to set it so I never tried it.I must have bumped it when I put on a new inline filter.Anyway I went to the lake and it took right off and ran good ,I just need to fine tune the carbs again,I got in the rain and didn't do it today.
              Thanks again for the help.