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johnson seahorse V4 85hp (1978-80?) tilt trim problem

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  • johnson seahorse V4 85hp (1978-80?) tilt trim problem

    I have replaced the solenoid and the switch and its still not working all the time. I topped up the fluid and it worked for a couple of seconds and then it stops again. i have repeated this a couple of times this arvo and it keeps doing the same thing , it also doesnt matter if i am trying to go up or down. originally the solenoid was stuffed but now this problem is happening. Also what exactly does the sender unit do? thanks to anyone who can help.

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    Re: johnson seahorse V4 85hp (1978-80?) tilt trim problem

    You may have intermittent contact in the electrical system. That's a high amp system which needs a good wiring contacts. 1. Make sure all the wires are tightly connected inside the remote trim box. 2. Make sure none of the wires are frayed, or worn. 3. check to be sure each wire has the proper connector to make good contact. 4. Pull the fuse out of the fuse holder and check for rust, moisture corrosion. 5. You may want to replace that small 20 amp fuse. 6. Make sure the main wires to the battery are clean and tightly clamped to the battery posts. The trim sender between the transom brackets is to run a trim gauge on the dash to indicate relative trim position while you are driving (looking forward.)


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      Re: johnson seahorse V4 85hp (1978-80?) tilt trim problem

      Hot wire the motor directly to battery and see if intermittent problem goes away. If it does then you have a loose or corroded connection somewhere in the terminals, fuses, switches, and sensors. If the motor itself is intermittent then you probably have a spot of internal rust and the problem will never go away without a new or rebuilt motor.


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        Re: johnson seahorse V4 85hp (1978-80?) tilt trim problem

        thanks so much will try these things today and get back to you.


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          Re: johnson seahorse V4 85hp (1978-80?) tilt trim problem

          ok so i cleaned all of the contacts, replaced the fuse and the fuse holder, checked battery contacts. still no luck. when i test the blue and black wires close to the motor i am getting just over 12v when the switch is turned on. and same for the green and black.


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            Re: johnson seahorse V4 85hp (1978-80?) tilt trim problem

            so i hot wired it today and still the same thing so i guess it is the motor playing up. is there an easy way to get this motor off or do i have to take the whole engine from the boat.


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              Re: johnson seahorse V4 85hp (1978-80?) tilt trim problem

              Sounds like sticky brushes in your motor. Of course, they also could be worn out.


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                Re: johnson seahorse V4 85hp (1978-80?) tilt trim problem

                That 3 wire PTT electric motor has a circuit breaker within it, and it appears that it is taking effect.

                If that engine does not have the transom brackets cut away so that the PTT unit can be removed from its location, do the following to avoid removing the engine from the boat.

                Manually have the engine in the fully raised position. Now, tie it up and support it securely somehow so that it is impossible for it to drop or move to the port (left) side.

                Remove the top retaining pin from the center tilt cylinder. Then lower that tilt cylinder plunger rod.

                Remove the large nut from the port side of the steering tube. Remove the three bolts from the port side of the port transom bracket that secure it to the PTT unit. Remove the two nuts that retain the transom bracket to the boat (You may need to tap those bolts in and out of the way). Now, slide the port transom bracket sideways a bit. You can now remove the three starboard PTT retaining bolts and remove the PTT unit.
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