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1953 Johnson Seahorse 3hp

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  • 1953 Johnson Seahorse 3hp

    I have a Johnson JW-10 that I recently bought. The fuel valve is open, the tank vent is open, the motor sounds great and pushes the heck outta my 12ft. flat bottom boat. Problem is it only runs about 10 seconds and only if the choke is engaged. Kill the choke and the motor dies immediately. Leave it and it runs a few seconds and then dies.

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    Re: 1953 Johnson Seahorse 3hp

    I would totally clean out the fuel line and make sure the fuel flows freely. These often clog up over time and fuel flow gets restricted. Also check your needle jets too. High speed should be about 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn out from lightly seated and low speed should be 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 turns out. You may need to rebuilt the carb too, but I would start with these two remedies first.
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      Re: 1953 Johnson Seahorse 3hp

      Check that sintered fuel filter in the tank. They get partially plugged and fuel doesn't flow fast enough to keep it running. They are virtually impossible to clean but some people claim the clean them (?) Anyhow, you are supposed to simply replace it. I unsolder the sintered filter and toss it and replace it with brass filter screen.


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        Re: 1953 Johnson Seahorse 3hp

        Thanks for the reply. I checked the fuel line, fuel tank, and took the carb off and checked it. All were clean as a whistle. The man I got it from said that he just had it reworked and after looking, I believe him for the most part. I checked the spark plugs and neither would fire when pulled out and starter cord was being pulled. But the plugs look to be in good shape. And they were firing just a few hours ago, just wouldn't stay running. Could something else in the ignition system be causing my problem?


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          Re: 1953 Johnson Seahorse 3hp

          I have checked it and it looks as if someone has drilled a hole in it. I think I will try to replace it with that brass filter screen you mentioned.


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            Re: 1953 Johnson Seahorse 3hp

            Some gunk probably got through the hole in the filter and clogged up the carb. That would answer the running briefly on choke issue, but not the no spark??
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              Re: 1953 Johnson Seahorse 3hp

              Well, not sure about the no spark issue. Just got done cleaning out the fuel shut off valve. Was clogged extremely bad. I don't see how any gas got through. Got it back together and it cranked and ran a good 20 mins or so before I shut it off.


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                Re: 1953 Johnson Seahorse 3hp

                compression check, wire check, clean the fuel system...tuneup on the way


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                  Re: 1953 Johnson Seahorse 3hp

                  Thanks very much for the suggestions. I got it running but now I have pulled the pull cord out. Went to put it back in and the spring unwound on me. So, the question is, how does it go back in. I put it back the best I could figure it should go but something still isn't right. It won't pull.


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                    Re: 1953 Johnson Seahorse 3hp

                    Here are some illustrated directions for fixing it. Be careful with the spring. It'll put yer eye out.
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                      Re: 1953 Johnson Seahorse 3hp

                      Got it! Its up and running great! Thanks for all the help.