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1977 Evinrude 25hp waterpump kit info

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  • 1977 Evinrude 25hp waterpump kit info

    So I pulled my water pump today on my motor. Just rebuilt the Carb and got it started and noticed it wasn't pumping any water out of the exhaust. I had the trashcan filled up to about the cavitation plate and couldn't get it any higher. So I figured it should have been enough to prime the pump. I could be wrong, it's happened before! So I decided to drop the lower unit and replace the water pump. 4 bolts out of the bottom and one REALLY stuck bolt on the top and the lower unit came off. The water tube seemed a bit bent in there, is it supposed to be straight down? Also the rubber boot going into the water pump housing was torn. Could have been caused by the bent tube. My impellor actually didn't look too bad. I do have few questions.
    1.) how can I replace the water tube if needed?
    2.) How can I remove and clean the intake screen on the bottom of the lower unit. I do not have the through hub exhaust and it's got this screen behind the prop where the water needs to go in. It looks like it needs a good cleaning or at least some CLR.
    3.) I didn't see any gaskets on the water pump either under the plate nor on the housing, is there supposed to be some gasket?
    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    Re: 1977 Evinrude 25hp waterpump kit info



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      Re: 1977 Evinrude 25hp waterpump kit info

      1. You will need to get the water level higher than the pump area on the leg to get it to pump right.

      2. The drawing shows no gaskets in the pump.

      3. The water tube is bent like the one in this picture. You should be able to purchace a new tube if needed at Evinrude.com

      4. The screen is removable and replaceable....see pic.

      5, The rubber boot called a grommet needs replaced if it is torn.

      Hope this helps Click image for larger version

Name:	77.jpg
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        Re: 1977 Evinrude 25hp waterpump kit info

        Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. I don't think I had the water level high enough, but after getting it all apart it needed a good cleaning at least. The good news is the impeller didnt' look too bad. The bad news is the plate which covers the shift linkage was missing a screw because someone stripped it out. So water seems to have been getting in there. Is that a big problem, I'm going to have to drill the plate and tap for a larger screw if so, if not it seems to fit snugly with just the one screw. How do you get the plug out of the screen area? I didn't see any slot for a screw driver. Do you have to access it from inside the lower unit and drive it out?


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          Re: 1977 Evinrude 25hp waterpump kit info

          There is water behind that plate anyway, so that is not a big deal problem. In fact it will work just fine without the plate---but make a lot of noise.

          I can't think of one single reason to replace the water screen, unless it is somehow destroyed. It ain't plugged up. Never happens. Leave it alone. But if you insist, it is removed by drilling a hole in it and tapping threads in it. Then insert a bolt and use the bolt to yank the plug out. You will need a new plug.


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            Re: 1977 Evinrude 25hp waterpump kit info

            I don't know how it could never get plugged up, you must have never seen some of the motors down here on the Texas coast. They can get some nasty barnicle build up especially if left in the water. I don't really want to take it out, but would be nice to clean it up.