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Johnson 25 hp year model make?

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  • Johnson 25 hp year model make?

    so i picked up a 25 hp johnson seahorse outboard from my local craigslist and i'm trying to figure out some information on it. Motor is white, but looks like it used to be "swamp green" and someone painted it white. The cover is white with the classic orange and black stripe. It's a 2 stoke that i would guess could be anywhere from the 70's to mid 80's range, but really have no clue. First thing i look for is the model number ect and it looks like the model # plate has been ripped from the transom mount. I did however find a what i think is the serial number which is j2923051. I found it on the inside of the motor near the fuel pump on a nickel sized circle. Anyone know what that means year, model, ect? thanks for your help in advance.


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    Re: Johnson 25 hp year model make?

    That's the serial number. Not much help determining the year. Is this the only number you see on that nickel sized cap?
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      Re: Johnson 25 hp year model make?

      this is the nickel shaped thing i had mentioned with what i think is the serial number... I looked again it it does appear that the metal plate with the actual model number has been ripped off and there is nothing on the transom where i'd expect to find it.

      this is what the actual motor looks like.

      any help in identifying the year is greatly appreciated. I would love to replace the points on this thing as it may help it run ALOT better, but i'm not sure what year exactly im looking for. Thanks again for any info.


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        Re: Johnson 25 hp year model make?

        I think you have a genuine thoroughbred "Johnsonrude". Outside looks like a Johnson, blue powerhead looks like an Evinrude. But the blue Evinrude has a Johnson serial number plug in it. That serial number fits a 1968 or 1969 Johnson. Horsepower unknown. I guess it is whatever you call it. Probably came from a chop shop.


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          Re: Johnson 25 hp year model make?

          hahaha. very funny. The powerhead is the johnson green, the photos just don't do it justice. however taking it apart and checking through the motor, it is deffinately chop shopped. quite a few things are ghetto rigged. Thanks for the reply with the years! So as far as i know its a johnson sea horse 1968 or 1969.


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            Re: Johnson 25 hp year model make?

            The cowling has 1976 decals and looks to be the correct decal for the year of cowling. That cowling fit 1971 - 1976 together with the base pan. Earlier 1961 - 1970 cowlings only fit the 1961 - 1970 base pans. Also looking at the lower unit it appears to also be a 1971 - 1976 style (earlier ones had sort of a bullet-shaped prop shaft housing that protruded forward from the forward vertical line of the midsection. Dark green was the color of the powerhead in 1971. For 1972 through 1975 the powerhead (which matched the rest of the motor except for the white cowling) was a green-gold color. For 1976 Johnson switched to a dark green again for that one year; after that all their motors were white for many years.

            There's a good chance the motor is a 1976 model, but IF the powerhead is not original it could be older as you said, like a 1968 through 1970. The 22.09 c.i. powerhead was used all the way back to 1957 on the 18, became a 20 for 1966, then a 25-horse version was introduced for 1969.
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