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1968 johnson 55hp won't start

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  • 1968 johnson 55hp won't start

    1968 johnson 55hp won't start. All I hear is a clicking in the bottom of motor.
    I turn the key and nothing happens. keep in mind this is my first boat and I'm illiterate when it comes to boat motors.

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    Re: 1968 johnson 55hp won't start

    Hello, Joe

    Welcome to iboats.

    Take the battery cables off at both ends. Clean them thoroughly and reattach.

    Let us know what happens.


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      Re: 1968 johnson 55hp won't start

      I second the "welcome to Iboats".....
      Man, have you ever come to the right place for help!!! If JB can't get you up and running, you probably don't have a motor..... ;-)


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        Re: 1968 johnson 55hp won't start

        Thanks for the welcome fellas. The thing is that I'm using a car battery and I'm just holding the cables to the terminals. It could be that its not getting a good connection. I don't know I might have hooked the ignition switch up wrong. When the key is in the run position and I touched the cables to the battery is when I hurd the click in the lower region of the motor, but when I turned it to start nothing happens. I also took a jumper wire from the positive terminal and touched the solinoid and the starter and nothing happened, any ideas?


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          Re: 1968 johnson 55hp won't start

          Is it an electric shift?


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            Re: 1968 johnson 55hp won't start

            yes electric shift. Also I just hooked a test light to the solinoid, there is power going in, just none coming out to the starter. Also I hooked a jumper wire to the starter and it engaged and turned the motor a half a turn and the stopped and hummed like it wasn't getting enough power. I was using a 16 gauge wire.


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              Re: 1968 johnson 55hp won't start

              #1 make sure that it is in neutral, and that it knows it's in neutral. there are a lot of small wires in that wire harness, and being 40+ years old it could very easily have a break/cut/worn spot that could affecting it. When you said it makes a thud in the lower unit when you connect it to a battery, it makes me think that it may be in gear.....just a thought. My first outboard was a 1969 Evinrude 55 hp electric shift, and one of the first things I did was a lot of wiring and re-wiring...but it was worth it when I knew it would do what I wanted it to, when I wanted it to.