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Please Help, 1960 Johnson 10hp

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  • Please Help, 1960 Johnson 10hp

    I have a 1960 Johnson 10hp, the pull start cord broke. Luckily the return coil spring did not bend. My problem is, although I have the repair manual, I still cannot figure out how to reinstall the pull start cord.

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    Re: Please Help, 1960 Johnson 10hp

    (Manual Starter Cord Installation -Over The Flywheel Type Only)
    (J. Reeves)

    For what it's worth, my method of installing a new cord on the over the flywheel type manual starters is as follows.

    Arms outstreched (approx 6'), I cut a proper size nylon cord that length, tie a figure 8 knot in one end, then melt the ends with a flame to prevent unravelling, using a rag to form a somewhat point on one end. No cord in manual atrter pulley.... wind pulley to it fullest point. Keeping a good grip on the pulley, let it slide back to where the cord hole in the pulley aligns with the manual starter housing cord hole, then install the cord.

    Now, keeping a good grip on the cord, slowly let the manual starter rewind pulling the cord in. In most cases, the cord will be too long so install the pull handle accordingly so that the handle retracts completely.

    This is the way I've performed this procedure for quite a number of years and regardless of the design of the pulley, I encountered no problerms.
    (Manual Starter Assembly)
    (This pertains to the type of Manual Starter Housing that sits over top of the flywheel)
    (J. Reeves)

    Lay the manual starter housing upside down on the workbench.

    Wind the spring in your hands so that you can lay it into the housing, having the outer spring end hooked over the retaining pin. Make sure the spring is in there properly (You do not want it to fly out of there).

    Holding the spring down, with pliers carefully bend about 3" or 4" (more or less) on the inner portion of the spring in towards the center of the housing. This will allow the pulley pin to enter the retaining hole at the end of the spring properly.

    Lay the pulley down over the spring, making sure that the pin on the pulley is secured to the retaining hole on the end of the spring. Install the spindle (center bearing gizzmo), bolt, nut, etc, whatever your particular manual starter may use.

    The cord (nylon) should be roughly 72" long. Have a figure 8 knot in one end. Heat the other end so that you could form a point on it, wiping it with a rag when it's burning or hot to a melting point.

    Now, with the starter housing still upside down, keeping a firm grip on that starter housing and also the pulley, start winding the pulley in the normal counter clockwise direction. Wind it as far as it will go, then carefully let it back off until the starter pulley cord hole is aligned with the housing cord outlet.

    Hold the pulley there and insert the cord in through the inside of the pulley and out through the starter housing. Pull the cord through completely and get a good grip on it. Now let the pulley retract the cord, but hold onto the cord (don't let it fly in there).

    If it's obvious that the cord is too long, figuring what will be needed within the handle, shorten it as needed.

    Pull the cord out so that about two feet of the cord is exposed. Tie a slip knot so that the cord can't retract back.

    Insert the cord into the handle and secure as needed, then release the slip knot allowing the cord to be withdrawn fully. That's all there is to it..
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      Re: Please Help, 1960 Johnson 10hp

      that is completely different than what my manual says, and it sounds WAY easier! Thanks Joe you're the man. I've decided to get a brand new cord, my buddy gave me one but it's a little old, and I don't want to have to go through all this again. I accidentally let the spring fly out of place while taking everything apart, and it was not fun trying to get that thing back in there.