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Evinrude 115 HELP

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  • Evinrude 115 HELP

    I just bought a boat with an Evinrude 115 outboard on it I think?!?! Model on the bracket is 115999R S/N J0002087 The block has numbers on it also the middle of the motor behind the flywheel is 396 244 (bigger letters) 1 IK23 Then on the left side clinder near freeze plug is FL2784 the cylinder and the block or intake are stamped 9604. Any info on this motor would be helpful. known facts : It is a 4 Cylinder non VRO, the cover says its a evinrude 115 the Mounting bracket is from a 1978 135 HP (I really hope this is right)

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    Re: Evinrude 115 HELP

    115999 is a 1979 model number. That has a different block than the 1978.

    What are the numbers on the welch plug on the engine block?

    BTW, no 135HP motors were made in 1977, 1978, or 1979


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      Re: Evinrude 115 HELP

      looked agian, there is a little round plug on the left side cylinder bank (looking at the spark plugs) It doesn't look like a typical freeze plug, nothing stamped on it. Guess I'll have to look better in the daylight. Maybe it was rebuilt? Has great comprssion 135 or so on all 4.
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        Re: Evinrude 115 HELP

        The welch plug should be on top (looking down) of the starboard cylinder bank.

        The 1979 block has the mounting feet cast into the block, the 1978 and earlier ones are screwed on. Click the thumbnail.
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          Re: Evinrude 115 HELP

          okay mine is at least a 1979 block, it has the little ears on the block that the lower cowling is bolted to. guess the is no way to tell what the Hp is.


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            Re: Evinrude 115 HELP

            FL2784 indicates that it was the 2,784th powerhead remanufactured by Flagship in Florida. That was quite some time ago.........


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              Re: Evinrude 115 HELP

              Why do you think it isn't a 115? Does it have a bubbleback exhaust cover or flat?


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                Re: Evinrude 115 HELP

                flat plat between the two cylinder heads. I don't have a title for the motor and I just want to be sure. A v4 could be up to a 140 hp and some where down to an 85 hp. the lower unit has 1697cc on it. Don't quote the number
                exactly. I mailnly need to know for parts replacement issues. You guys are great! I'm real close to getting the right motor or close enough.


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                  Re: Evinrude 115 HELP

                  I also need to know the MFG recommended RPM so I can select a prop.


                  • #10
                    Re: Evinrude 115 HELP

                    No 140s were built with flatback exhaust.

                    115 crossflow had a full throttle range of 4500 to 5500 and should be propped to max 5800 at average load.

                    All 85HP, 100HP, 115HP and 140HP were 1632 cc in 1979.


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                      Re: Evinrude 115 HELP

                      Thanks for your responces!! Your awsome. I'm starting to believe that it is a 115 now. it there any other telltale keys to finish narrowing it down?


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                        Re: Evinrude 115 HELP

                        You could check the carburetors for numbers - you will have to remove the air silencer.

                        Pictures of the engine would help.


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                          Re: Evinrude 115 HELP

                          That sure sounds like a '79 J 115.

                          The 115 from that year, like my 100, is a flat back.

                          If you get the silencer cover off you should be able to see some numbers on the front of the carburetor. The 115 from that year uses 1 3/16" barrels.
                          '77 Glastron/Carlson CVX-16 running a '79 100 HP Johnson into the mid 50's
                          '69 Glastron V156 Sportster


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                            Re: Evinrude 115 HELP

                            I don't know alot about 2 stroke boat motors. I can just about fix anything though. so riddleme me this??!!?? How do the increase the HP? If they are all the sam CC then it must be with carbs and Air? If I put larger carbs on it do I increase the HP or decrease the life of the motor. I have three carbs off of a 200 hp v6, just a thought.


                            • #15
                              Re: Evinrude 115 HELP

                              HP ratings were achieved using a variety of differences which included different porting, different carburetors, different orifices, and different cylinder heads. The exhaust systems were different as well.

                              By the time that they finished re-rating them in the mid 1980's, there were no more 140HP V4 crossflows.