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Wiring Harness Question 150 EXEOM 1995

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  • Wiring Harness Question 150 EXEOM 1995

    Having issues with my warning horn. Will need to post a few questions as I go along.I have an OEM manual for the motor. You will need one also to follow me. Looking at the wiring schematic( diagram or whatever it is called)on the last page of the manual ,bottom left is the VRO plug. Off of this plug comes a tan and black bullet connector which appear to go nowhere. Above the VRO plug is the vacuum switch ( in the daigram I think it is the vacuum switch)with the tan and black wire again. My first question is what do the bullet connectors go to( the ones which appear disconnected in the diagram)? My harness has been manipulated so I need to get it right so my warning horn operates correctly. Sometimes my hot light goes on along with the horn. The engine runs fine, I have used it for the last two years as it is, it does not run hot nor do I believe there to be a fuel restriction. Just want it(the warning system) to operate should hot or restriction be an issue.

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    Re: Wiring Harness Question 150 EXEOM 1995

    I am looking at the OEM manual for my 94 175 motor and it looks just like the diagram you are describing. I can trace the wires on my motor tomorrow if you would like but I am almost certain that those two wires go to the remote oil tank low level sensor switch.


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      Re: Wiring Harness Question 150 EXEOM 1995

      Thank you for taking the time to check the manual. That makes sense to me. I appreciate you checking.Let me know.Hope to tackle this this weekend.


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        Re: Wiring Harness Question 150 EXEOM 1995

        I've got two of the same motors J150EXEOM and her twin. No lights though. Do you have the "System Check" gauges?


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          Re: Wiring Harness Question 150 EXEOM 1995

          Yes, I do have the System Check gauges.


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            Re: Wiring Harness Question 150 EXEOM 1995

            I had a chance to look at my motor today and verified that those wires do go to the low oil alarm at the oil reservoir.


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              Re: Wiring Harness Question 150 EXEOM 1995

              what is the temp of the motor when horn sounds??? if the vacum is not pluged in it will not sound a horn ( black is always ground on OMC.)


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                Re: Wiring Harness Question 150 EXEOM 1995

                Then the vertemp alarm should have nothing to do with the oil sender. It the oil level sender is bad it will give a low oil alarm. Unplugging it will silence the alarm.

                Try grounding out the tan wire to the temp sender to the block. This should cause an overtemp alarm to sound.


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                  Re: Wiring Harness Question 150 EXEOM 1995

                  Ok Thank you. So far as I have checked the tan wires going to the temp senders.When grounded they do not sound the alarm. They do carry about 4 volts . Looking near the harness under the soloniod there is the tan and black wire, both are cut and unconnected( this tan wire also carries about 4 volts). Next to them again is what I think is the vacuum switch wires(black and tan) returning from the switch to the harness, they appear to have been spliced or at least worked with at one time as they do not have their original connectors on them. I am going to remove the lower cowling to follow my wires. Hope to post a picture later on. Its a rainy day here in SoCal so may not be able to get to it today. The low oil alarm is an intermittent horn, I have never had that sound. I have had the continuous hot/ fuel restriction horn sound though. Thanks again for your replies your input is appreciated.