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2-cycle oil, all the same ?

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  • 2-cycle oil, all the same ?

    I'm sure I'll open a can of worms, but is one brand of oil any
    'better" than the next ? For example, last year I used walmart brand for $2, while Quicksilver and Johnson brand was $3.25. Then for $4 there is Quicksilver synthetic. So is the higher priced name brand oil better than the off brand ? Is synthetic better than all of them ? I run a '56 3hp and use about 5- 16 oz. bottles a year. Any input on the topic ? -Thanks

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    Re: 2-cycle oil, all the same ?

    If it meets the TCW-3 specification then it is good in my book.
    Synthetics are said to smoke less.
    There are a gazillion oil threads in this forum. I would suggest you use the search function to read up on them. All you need to know will be there. But if not then ask away.
    I have used the Wal Mart brand for years with no issues.
    sigpicMarada 2100 Executive Series, 5 Litre V8 with Mercruiser Alpha 1 outdrive. 2007 K-Z Spree 260 RBH, all = a whole lot of family fun !!!!


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      Re: 2-cycle oil, all the same ?

      Any brand with a TCW3 rating will work.Synthetic is more inviromently friendly.
      Is said to be biodegradeble ,burns cleaner, smokes less.If you buy by the gallon you'll save a little.


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        Re: 2-cycle oil, all the same ?

        I typically use Valvoline 2 cycle oil in my outboards and all my other 2 stroke engines. I haven't used the Wal mart brand yet.
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          Re: 2-cycle oil, all the same ?

          super success with Walmart super tech TC-W3.
          TEBOW Country

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            Re: 2-cycle oil, all the same ?

            Originally posted by tashasdaddy View Post
            super success with Walmart super tech TC-W3.


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              Re: 2-cycle oil, all the same ?

              If its TC-W3 its good but I prefer all synthetic due to better cold star lubrication, longer parts life--(this is proven) supposedly better for environment (not sure)
              Synthetic oil is a lubricant consisting of chemical compounds which are artificially made (synthesized) from compounds other than crude oil..which means less $$ flow to undesirable nations/beliefs/peoples...

              pony up the extra few bucks for US MADE synthetics..


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                Re: 2-cycle oil, all the same ?

                As mentioned, any oil that meets the motor manufacturers recommended standards, and is from a brand you can trust is honest in their specifications, will be good enough.
                I have to mention my experience from running my car, though, I have an 11 years old Volvo. When it was 5 years old, and had done 125000 miles, it started consuming a little oil. From an advice from someone here on the forum, I started using the best mobil 1 syntetic oil, and after 2 change cycles, the consumption stopped.
                Now the car is 11 years old, has exactly 250000 miles on it, and I never add oil between the changes, which is 10000 miles. Yesterday I discovered i didnt change the oil since march, which is 15600 miles, and the level is still higher than middle of the full/add marks on the dipsticks. I swear to the best syntetic oils, in the total costs of using a motorized vehicle, the extra cost for the best oil is marginal.
                Most boat motors, however never wear out, they get damaged from the lack of preventive maintenance, or by sitting, not properly stores by ignorance, and reaching the max lifespan is then less important.