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OMC 70 TSB 2276 - that never happens!

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  • OMC 70 TSB 2276 - that never happens!

    So yesterday I went to apply TSB 2276R1 to my 1989 Johnson 70, as detailed here: http://forums.iboats.com/showthread.php?t=222677. I have a very occasional overheat problem, so wanted to bring the motor up to date with all the TSBs.

    I got my 1/8 NPT tap and drill and was ready to go. It didn't look like a tough job, but drilling into an engine block is something I'm never going to be comfortable doing. So I scoped out the location for the telltale nipple. Hmm, a bolt right near there. I removed it - not a bolt, but a pipe plug with a hex head, never seen that before. Turns out the replacement powerhead put on by the previous owner must have been a later block, with the hole already drilled, so all I had to do was swap the telltale nipple and the pipe plug. And the money spent on the tap wasn't a waste, as I needed to chase the threads to reinstall the nipple.

    And then I slapped on the muffs and started 'er up - no leaks. I'm going to play the lottery this week.


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    Re: OMC 70 TSB 2276 - that never happens!

    Love to hear that good news. If you win the lottery let us hear that good news too.
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      Re: OMC 70 TSB 2276 - that never happens!

      If your doing updates go ahead and change impeller, on certain models of 60/65/70's from 1986-2001 Johnrude's had a 3 vane impeller(437059) which was a high volume impeller but it had a lower pressure and is NLA due to problems in cooling(part of TSB 2276 problems by not filling block up). Replace it with the 6 vane 396725 impeller.
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        Re: OMC 70 TSB 2276 - that never happens!

        Thanks FB! I was not aware of the impeller change, but I did replace the water pump a few weeks ago - both the old and new impellers had 6 vanes.